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30 Before 30

I turn 30 on April 19th, 2015.  These are things I want to accomplish before that date!

1.  Pay off all debt credit card AND student loan). Completed 11/13
2.  Complete a full IronmanCompleted 5/19/12
3.  Figure out what I want to do for a living – and start doing it!
4.  Finally replace my ‘03 Dell  – maybe with a MacBook Pro (also, learn Photoshop while I’m at it)? Belated birthday present from Shane! 7/2012
5.  Raise $30,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (currently at over $20k).
6.  Spend all day writing at a coffee shop.
7.  Shave my head – because as much as I want my long locks back, I AM NOT MY HAIR.
8.  Travel to Greece and Israel with my husband.
9.  Cultivate an interest in fashion (I really really hate picking out clothes and am horrible at it).
10.  Work on a presidential campaign.
11.  Start a community blogging project.
12.  Go one month without alcohol (and can’t be because of pregnancy, that’s cheating). Completed 5/19/12
13.  Get my wedding dress cleaned and sealed (it’s been 3 years).
14.  Take my sister on a college graduation trip. Completed 7/13
15.  Become a certified sommelier.
16.  Go skydiving.
17.  Learn to like scotch (obviously cannot be during a pregnancy either).
18.  Move from Texas again, possibly abroad – but always come back!
19.  Write 100 Yelp reviews – not all of them bad.
20.  Go on a retreat by myself.
21.  Inspire my parents – I don’t know how or what I want to inspire them to do, but…
22.  Take time to organize and settle into our house (cultivate an interest in decorating??)
23.  Swear off meat for good – fish too.  Damn you birds, you’re just so delicious I keep coming back. Completed 1/12 – veggieversary!
24.  Take a Great American Road Trip – Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, etc.
25.  Open an etsy shop selling something creative.
26.  Take a cooking class. Completed 8/11 – with my mom- and sis-in-law!
27.  Learn how to quilt – more specifically, learn from my grandmother.
28.  Learn another foreign language – French?  Italian?  GREEK?
29.  Invent a “signature dish” – my mom always makes rigatoni – I need my own!
30.  Sponsor a child from Save the Children in the Appalachians.

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