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Dear Rachel: 7 Months

by Christa on June 30, 2014

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Dear Rachel,

A little late (again) but not too bad. You’re now 7 months old!

photo 1 (39)

photo 2 (40)

The highlight of this month was us taking a trip to Alaska. Of course you were amazing on the plane, because you’re such an awesome baby. I’m not going to lie, it was still really hard. But you loved hiking and would look around while strapped to one of our chests and would eventually fall asleep.


You fell in love with Shea and Kyle (especially Kyle) and made a new bff named Toby – he is a friend of the golden retriever variety.

You have two little teeth and eat big girl food now – Greek yogurt, purees (I have made peach, sweet potato/green bean, and broccoli/squash).

photo 3 (29)

I love when you chit-chat with us. And your giggle is the best. Kind of weird though, you love when we try to “bite” you. I hope this is not an omen for a future Twilight obsession?

photo 4 (25)


You make this face all the time – you scrunch up your nose and breathe heavily…it’s pretty funny, but I have no idea what you’re trying to do.  I’m pretty sure you think coughing is laughing though, which is also hilarious.

Another new discovery? Yo Gabba Gabba is your jam, and I’m not opposed to letting you watch an episode every day since a) you love it, and b) that means we can get stuff done around the house. Hah!

photo 3 (30)

This month you had fun with family and friends since your nanny P was home in Germany for three weeks! You spent time with Jess, Gigi, Nana, and Aunt Steph! So fun….but you were quite the handful…

photo 1

You’re such a big girl – 90% for weight and 85% for height!!  And I have to mention that all of our friends who spend a (note) short amount of time around think having babies is a BREEZE!  You are just that cool…

photo 2 (41)

We are so proud of you and love that you’re so happy. We are learning with you….and we are learning you every day.

Keep teaching us!


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Stacey July 1, 2014 at 1:16 pm

She’s so sweet! What a gorgeous, smart, lovely girl you have! Keep up the great work, Mama.


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