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Weekend Recap: Wedding fever + friends

by Christa on April 2, 2014

in Weekend Recap

I realize it’s a little late to recap the weekend, but I’ve been bizzay. This weekend was quite slammed as our friends Michelle and Kyle tied the knot!

We kicked off the weekend in style with a lovely luncheon for the bride on Friday. It was held at a super cute and girly bake shop (called The Bake Shoppe, haha).

photo 1 (34)

Oceanside badasses. Clearly.

photo 2 (35)

My mom came in town because it was the two-week point since she’d seen Rachel, and that’s about as long as she can go. Plus, we needed a wedding babysitter!

Later that evening after their rehearsal dinner and after we put Rachel to bed, we gathered at Cottonwood for a rehearsal PARTY!

I love this picture (because we look so TAN thanks to the spray tan party on Thursday).

photo 5 (16)

Me and the husband.  Kind of a blur.

photo 4 (22)

With the bride! Love her rehearsal dress!!


On Saturday morning I got up early to hang with Rachel and my mom while we had coffee in our PJs – no coffee for Rach, though. Later I squeezed in a long run – look who joined me for a few miles!

Tan runners.

photo 1 (33)

Refueled with a b-fast taco with Marisa.  You just can’t beat Torchy’s!

2:30pm Catholic mass wedding was gorgeous. I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures of the ceremony (didn’t want to be ‘that person’ holding their phone above everyone’s heads and being all distracting). But it was beautiful. I had lots of questions about a Catholic service that Jess was kind enough to answer.  Michelle and Kyle looked just so so happy.  It’s awesome to be in the presence of love.  Sappy, I know.

Dudes at the wedding – Kyle, Shane, and Ben.

photo 2 (34)

The ladies.

photo 1 (35)


 photo 3 (24)

We went back to our house so I could tend to Rachel for a bit and since there was a small gap between the wedding and the reception. No matter, we’ll make do with some champagne and snacks! Then we all made our way to the Rice Hotel for the reception downtown.

Ladies on the balcony.

photo 5 (15)

I told Shane, “See? I could just be your trophy wife. Look at those tan legs!”

photo 4 (21)

With the newlyweds. Congratulations, Michelle and Kyle!

photo 2 (36)

We actually weren’t out terribly late since it started at 6pm, but we tore up the dance floor, took some awesome photo booth pics, and indulged a little since we were cabbing it.

On Sunday morning a group of us went to brunch at Hugo’s to send Kyle and Shea back off to Alaska. BOOOO.

The rest of the day was spent ostentatiously not training and instead hanging out with this cutie pie.

photo 3 (25)


Her onesie says, “I’m telling Nana.” Hah!

Truly a super fun weekend and the nicest wedding ever!! So happy for our friends!

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