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Race Recap: 2014 Galveston 70.3

by Christa on April 10, 2014

in Race Recaps,Triathlon

My 5th 70.3 is in the books! And this was my first one as a mom…crazy.

This was my second night ever away from Rachel, so I was a little nervous when Jessica and I drove down to Galveston on Saturday.

We parked right across from the hotel at Moody Gardens and went straight to packet pickup. The line was SO LONG! We must have waited 30-45 minutes to get inside the tent to get our stuff.


Waiting in line…


I did take the opportunity to buy a new battery for my bike computer, which was fading fast. $2 well spent. Then we were finally in the tent to get our packets and swag. We also made some new purchases as well. I finallyyyyy got a medal holder (all of my medals are around the house or on a bookshelf or somewhere random), plus a cute soft tank top, and a water bottle.

After makin’ it rain (like Ironman doesn’t get enough of my money), we were able to go rack our bikes! At Galveston 70.3, you have to rack the night before. No big deal, we just tied grocery bags over our bars and bike computers in case of rain (the forecast did NOT look good for race day, btw). I have never understood why people cover their seats, though. You know you are wet when you get out of the swim, right? Oh well.

Then we had a short photo sesh with Jess’ parents. They got a few awesome shots :)




Did I mention that this was how Jess was celebrating her birthday? I mean, who does that? Crazy people, I tell you. So she got to open some birthday presents before we the 4 of us had a drink at the bar prior to the inspiration dinner. I love inspiration dinner! And this one of course did not disappoint. After our subsequent team meeting (where my friend Harriet said some really sweet things that I will not be forgetting anytime soon), we headed upstairs to get our gear ready and relax before bedtime.

Race morning! Woke up, pumped (boobs not bike), got dressed, filled bottles (bike not baby), and met the team downstairs. Our wave (Female 25-29, my last year before I age up!) didn’t start til 7:45, so we had over an hour to wait since transition closed at 6:45. Got to transition, got my gear situated, pumped (bike not boobs), and then waited. Finally got to walk the half mile to the start. The start sitch at Galveston is jump off the pier and wait 4 minutes for your wave to start. Made our way down the pier to get in!

Swim – 52:49

This was a PW (personal WORST) on a 70.3 swim for me. Prior to this, my worst swim time was 49 minutes, and that was at my very first 70.3!! OMG. The water was AWFUL! This was the first time I had truly felt like I was being smacked around by waves. I felt like I couldn’t get a good breath of air during strokes, so would stick my head all the way up, then take in a mouthful of water. My chest started feeling really tight. I was trying to describe the swim to someone and all I could do was thrash my limbs around and go, “glug glug glug glug.” Terrible.

At least I could squeeze into my wetsuit; I am at least 10 lbs heavier since the last time I wore it.


T1 – 3:28

Made my way down the racks to my stuff, tossed on my my helmet, Sweaty Band, glasses, and bike shoes. One quick drink of water to get the salt out of my mouth. Off on the bike!

Bike – 3:19:31

A PR on the bike! I bet I could have gone faster but since we had a nice little tailwind on the way out, I tried to take it pretty easy so as to save energy for fighting the supposed headwind on the way back. Boo. I averaged 18.2mph until the turnaround. The wind shifted slightly before I got there. Didn’t really feel a tailwind on the way back, but there also wasn’t a headwind, which was awesome! I averaged 15.67mph on the way back for a total average of  17mph. My bike fitness is still not up to snuff right now, so I will gladly take it. We ended up having a really nice day, weather-wise. And I got lucky with the wind for sure!


T2 – 2:53

I had to run my bike all the way up to the other end of the rack, grrrr. Shoes off, socks and running shoes on, then I just grabbed my race belt, gels, and Garmin, which I decided to use for the run portion.

Run – 2:34:23

Another crappy run time, dang it. My total time on my watch was 4:19 by the time I made it out of T2, so I knew that unless my run fell totally to pieces, I was going to PR! I was ecstatic!! To be clear, this means I probably haven’t been racing as hard as I can – I should not be able to PR 4 months after having a baby, right? Anyway, I was hoping I could go 2:15 on the half but I knew that was reaching. I feel like my nutrition always holds me back because I always start to feel like total crap around mile 5 of the run. The first couple of miles, I felt AWESOME. I was all smiles. My friends at the TNT, JSC, and SBS tents kept me super pumped up!  But then it was back out to no spectators…gah.  Then of course it went downhill as I got warmer and could feel how much salt I was losing. UGH when am I going to find the right balance? I started walking a lot, but still felt good and still knew a PR was within reach. The last couple of miles I knew I had to keep “running” – slow pace – if I wanted to make it. Passed Coach Liz and told her I would have a 3-4 minute PR! Came into the finisher chute checking my watch…yep, 3 minutes!


Finish time – 6:53:04

I did what I always tell people not to do – lookin’ at my watch while crossing the line.  Oh well.


Guess who else PRed by 3 minutes? Yay!!






I was toast afterward. I was so grateful that Jessica’s family was there to help us with our gear! I was very slowly moving, hah. And STARVING. We showered and got out of there as quickly as we could to stuff our faces with fried caloric goodness from Sonic.

Back home to this girl – even better than a PR. :)


Rachie totally gets it!


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Jess (but not that one) April 10, 2014 at 11:59 am

Way to go! Your Jess came to see me on Monday and told me how great the race was. Congrats on a PR; you blow my mind!


Crystal April 10, 2014 at 12:30 pm

You rock!!!!!


Margaret April 10, 2014 at 8:09 pm


And that Iron Tot shirt’s adorable!


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