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Weekend Recap: Race apathy, a Nana visit, and the bad luck ride.

by Christa on March 4, 2014

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Nana came to visit Rachel this weekend! My mom got in Friday afternoon so she could spend some quality time with her grandbaby.

We indulged in Torchy’s Tacos – mouthwatering. I went to bed early since I had Woodlands Half Marathon the next morning. If you’ll remember, I had run a half two weeks prior (Sugar & Spice, in 2:06) as a warmup so I could go hard at this race and get an even better time.

I woke up before dawn and found myself exhausted. I was so tired and was dragging ass getting ready. I had to pump since Rachel wasn’t awake yet, so I sat on the couch and tried to pump myself up (no pun intended). Nothing doing; I did NOT feel like racing. I knew I was going to go out there and push too hard and I’d be super sore and worn down the next day, when I had a 50 mile ride. Then as I was finishing up, Rach woke up. I looked at the weather (in the 70s, expected to get in the 80s, way too warm to be racing), and said screw it. I would just go up there to support my friends who were running and maybe get in some miles pacing them!

After some coffee and breakfast and lounging (so much better than racing on a Saturday morning), I ran 3 miles on my own and practically melted. SO WARM OUTSIDE. It reminded me of Galveston Marathon last year.

My mom and I packed Rachie up and headed to The Woodlands. I was aiming to find my friends at mile 22, then Rach and Mom went straight to the finish line. I ended up running with a few friends (they ran their first fulls!!) and man, it was so hot. I was super impressed by all the people pushing through to the finish. I got in another 5 miles to make it an even 8 for the day, sweet.

Rach, spectating.


My mom and I later met up with Marisa and her madre for a foot massage and dinner in Chinatown. We went to a vegan restaurant, and the food was definitely interesting, but not bad!!

Shane had given Rach her bath and put her to sleep by the time we got home; I was sad to miss it, I love that time with her. But we had our friend Brian’s 30th birthday soiree to attend…

Shane, Me, Elina, and the birthday boy!


Red gals


Me + the hubs. Date night!


I knocked back some bubbly, nommed on a huge slice of marble bundt cake, and talked up the attendees. It was so fun! I said to Brian, “Here’s one to make you feel old – when we first met, neither of us were of drinking age.” YIKES. He is inadvertently the way Shane and I met, because my friend knew he was living in our complex and said we should get to know him. Then he mentioned his other friends lived next door to us (SHANE!). Can’t believe we’ve all known each other for almost a decade. NUTS!

Plane Great Ride on Sunday – 47 miles again this year. It’s a great ride, on the Ironman course, only backwards. I love the course. So many trees, peaceful farmlands, old town Texas. Unfortunately I flatted. Ughhhh. There was a tiny piece of black stone lodged in my tire, almost impossible to find. So it popped not one, but two tubes. Thankfully the second time a ride marshall stopped and was able to find it. Did you know you can temporarily patch the hole with a dollar bill, so the tube isn’t exposed? That was a new trick for me.

At one point I got a little emotional (why??).  I have spent countless hours on these roads…brings back so many memories.  And I’m ready to make some more!  I’m not very happy that my bike fitness is so low right now.  On this ride last year, I dropped my dad like a hot potato even while in my first trimester (sorry, Dad)!  I used to be able to average 17, 18mph for this distance and route and now I am struggling to stay at 15.  But right now my motto is distance first, speed later.

I can’t believe we forgot to take a pic!! Marisa, Joanna, Aimee, Jess, and I all did the 47 route, but no photographic evidence. So on the way home Jess and I got a car pic (don’t worry, we were stopped for gas).


Spent the rest of the weekend lounging with Rachel! Love the time I get to spend with her on the weekends. She’s so fun and smiley these days. AND SHE ROLLED OVER YESTERDAY. Tummy to back – my big girl!

I also rewarded myself and tried to motivate myself at the same time…


Happy girl on Sunday night…


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