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Lately I’ve…

by Christa on March 27, 2014

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Lately I’ve…

  • Found out I got into the NYC Marathon this year! FINALLY!! Naturally, it comes at a time where training really has no place in my life anymore. Will figure it out.


  • Been getting excited about this weekend!! Michelle and Kyle’s wedding!  Shea and Kyle are coming in town for it! Going to a spray tan party tonight at Michelle’s house so we are golden for the big day.  Then a rehearsal PARTY tomorrow night, then ceremony and reception are on Saturday.  We have a couple more weddings this year, so we’re kickin it off in style.  My mom is getting some quality time with Rachie this weekend too.
  • On the flip side, been pretty bummed about how little time I get to spend with Rachel. As if you couldn’t tell from previous posts. Pesky work…


  • Started upping my intensity in workouts. Pushing my pace a little harder, my swims a little longer. The downside? We’re running low in milk production.
  • Read a great book, Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. Need to do my latest book post.
  • Have been evaluating things. Ranking their importance. Getting rid of the shit that turns out isn’t so important after all.
  • Been meaning to clean my house. I have a lot of Goodwill crap to donate. I need to box away the stuff Rach has already outgrown :( And mainly just straighten up.
  • Been doing some preliminary house hunting. We would love to find a long-term homestead. Our townhouse just isn’t cutting it anymore. We might need to extend our search. Is it so hard to find an afforable, one-story, 4-bedroom house with new appliances inside the loop? Hahhahahahaaaaa #nevergonnahappen. Dallas has much better prices, wonder what their salaries are like?
  • Have learned I need to express myself better. A friend told me (and Shane agreed) that sometimes she has to read my blog to know what I’m really feeling. Well, I’m feeling ALL THE FEELINGS these days. In all honesty, I have felt very alone lately. I’ve seen some red depression flags come up, have heard myself use the phrases, “I’m feeling desperate,” “I have nobody to talk to,” “I need help.” PPD? Might be time to address.  I feel like I’m not too emotionally high maintenance, so when I say it’s not good, it’s not good.  Don’t worry, I’m taking care of it.
  • On a lighter note, have enjoyed planning a birthday trip for my and Sarah’s birthdays. It will be hard to be away from Rachel for a night but I know it will be a good bonding trip with friends.


  • Have been gearing up for Galveston 70.3. I hope the swim isn’t cancelled! Should be a great day.
  • Had to add a captcha to the comment form, as you might have noticed.  Damn spam comments.  Enjoy.

What have you been up to lately?

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Stacey April 2, 2014 at 7:11 am

Hang in there, babe. You’re doing great. It sounds like you’re making the most of your time, and all that is good for you.

As for the sadness, I feel you. This transition is hard. You don’t know until you’re on this side of things, and I get it. Ever since we brought Natalie home, my emotions swing wildly from sheer elation (I’m so lucky! She’s so sweet! I love this!) to teary sadness. The smallest things make me cry and I find myself being sad because I’m not pregnant anymore and missing feeling like myself. The baby blues are real. And they are a bitch.

All this to say: I’m thinking of you. Rachel is beautiful and you’re doing a great job. Let’s keep our eyes on the future and remember that this too shall pass. XO


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