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Dear Rachel: 4 Months

by Christa on March 25, 2014

in Baby Gins,Dear Rachel

Dear Rachel,

“Hi, lovey!!” That’s how I greet you every morning, and all the time really. You’re so sweet and fun. Your smile is to die for, and now you have a little “heh-heh” laugh.

You are always on the go. You want to be moving, moving, no sitting still. Let’s stand up and go somewhere!! And if I try to sit with you on my lap, you try to stand up yourself up. And you can, as long as I am holding your hands!! Your Nana says I did the same thing as a baby.

photo 1 (32)

You’re loving the dogs. You watch them in awe and the other day you grabbed Charlie’s chin fur when you were both on our bed. He just looked at me like, “really, Mom?” But as I knew, he didn’t do anything to stop you. The boys are so gentle with you; it’s very sweet.

I took you to my friend Patty’s house this weekend. She has two little girls and you had never been around children before. It was amazing to watch – you were so entertained by them and just loved them so much – wide eyed and smiling our whole visit!! I was so surprised.

You’ve been sleeping so well lately. We have your routine going – bath around 7:30, then nursing/bottle, then into the crib. It helps that you suck your thumb regularly (which I find adorable) – we can put you in the crib and you put yourself to sleep. ¬†You’re quick to let us know when you’re unhappy though.

photo 3 (23)

It’s so fun for me to see Daddy with you too – he’s so goofy and silly and loves his little gal so much. You guys get in some quality time on the weekends and we call you the “Daddy potato” instead of couch potato because you totally chill with him and watch TV in your PJs – I think you both could do that all day long!

photo 2 (33)

One thing I really want to do soon is sign you up for a Mommy/Daddy & Me swim class – based on your bathtime fun, I think you would LOVE it, plus we want you to be comfortable and confident around water and a strong swimmer when you get older!! Never hurts. Looking into that now, and I know we’ll have a blast. AND you’re going to love spending a weekend or two at your Nana & Poppy’s in their pool this summer!!

Well, I’m struggling right now with being away from you. I want to be with you so much more and we might need to take some steps to make that happen. I miss you all the time when I’m not with you. And hey, nobody does it like Mommy, am I right or am I right?

photo 4 (20)

Can’t wait to see what month five has in store for us. You’re the best.


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