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Weekend Recap: The race that wasn’t, cocktails, and road trips.

by Christa on February 10, 2014

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This past weekend was SUPPOSED to be the highly anticipated Hot Chocolate 15K….here’s how it went down.

Marisa and I headed for Dallas around 2pm on Friday. We had to stop thrice – once at Buc-ee’s (because you have to; if you are not from Texas, well…Buc-ee’s is magical) to feed Rachel. Then she got fussy so we stopped and changed her wet diaper. THEN about 30 minutes away from my parents’ house, she was hungry again! It took 5 hours instead of the usual 4, but that’s ok. We had a yummy carb-loading dinner of pasta, salad, and cheesy bread and started to get ready for bed. We went to lay out our stuff for the race in the morning; it was going to be really cold, high 20s/low 30s – that’s ridiculous for us Texans. I went to grab my stuff and all of a sudden looked at Marisa really wide-eyed. Ummmmmmmmm……..I forgot my running gear. ALL of it. I left my Ironman backpack all packed and ready to go in my closet in Houston. What. the. hell. This was new mom brain to the max.

On the way to pick up Marisa, I had thought I forgot my old shoes and was planning to run in my new ones; it never occurred to me I hadn’t put the bag in the car!! I called Aimee and told her what happened, since she was planning to run too. Oh noes. Marisa was pleasantly surprised since she hates the cold and would have much preferred a warmer race. Hah! Well, she had brought a lot of running clothes so I could borrow a sports bra and top, and pair it with my dad’s Under Armor pants and my mom’s shoes. Hmmmm. I texted Aimee that we had a plan but then got word from her that she had taken a little spill down the stairs (she’s fine now, no worries) and was not hot to trot, so to speak. Plan was back off. I woke up in the morning and none of us wanted to go (well, Aimee walked the 5K so she wouldn’t have to wait on Bradley! He ran his first 5K, woohoo!!). So instead we spent the morning brunching at my in-laws’ house (ate way too much French toast for somebody who didn’t run).

My mom hosted a sip-and-see (everybody come over and see the baby) for her friends and some of my Dallas friends who were able to attend. Aunt Steph was glad to sneak in some time with her niece!


 My cute girl!


I was really excited to spend a night out with friends in Dallas. Of course Nana was itching to babysit, so a good group of us got together at Cedars Social for some heavy tapas and cocktails! I had a Big Mac (bourbon and blackberry drink) but the Remember the Maine was my favorite – rittenhouse rye, bitters, liquer – it tasted so much like the Jackson Square at Beaver’s, which is my FAVORITE cocktail ever.  I can’t believe we didn’t take any pics!

On Sunday the drive back was much easier – we only had to stop once at Buc-ee’s to feed Rachel and made it back in the usual 4 hours! And Shane was happy to have his girls home! Marisa and I went running at Memorial, 4 miles. I needed to.

And my diet starts today. So the weekend training was um, shall we say, lackluster. Clearly I didn’t hit ANY of my running goals.  I really have to buckle down. It’s going to be so hard this week since it’s my first week back at work and I have tons to do during the week!

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Lindsay February 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm

It’s always worth it to go to Buc-ees. Loving Rachel’s cute onesie :)


Christa February 11, 2014 at 9:52 am

Someone very stylish must have given it to her….


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