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Weekend recap – riding, running, and fun!

by Christa on February 18, 2014

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This weekend was great, and not only because Rachel slept for 9 hours two nights in a row!  *dust my shoulders off*

On Saturday morning I bolted out the door to drive up to Hockley for a 50 mile bike ride with my team. I knew 50 miles was pretty ambitious right now, but I way underestimated the wind. I think 40 would have been more my jam. It was a suffer-fest those last ten miles. I stopped several times just to stretch my legs. I thought a lot those last 10 miles about the reason I continue to participate in events with TNT – I’m on a mission to help find a cure for blood cancer. Point blank. Even though I was close to tears at one point, one stupid 50 mile ride is such nothing compared to chemo. I sucked it up and finished.

The team at our halfway point in Monaville!


I spent the rest of the day relaxing with Rach and Shane. Then we went to my favorite, RUGGLES GREEN, with Marisa and her family, which was nice. I usually stick with the veggie nut burger but I branched out and got the veggie panini this time. I love RG because they have tons of vegetarian options! Um, and because it is delicious.

Then did a little laundry and got my race gear ready for the morning. Wasn’t really sure what that half was gonna look like after the ride. But the Sugar & Spice Half Marathon went perfectly!

Went to Crisp for Kyle’s birthday brunch. Man, it is so yummy. I had the flat-top toast (sourdough french toast, basically) with over-easy eggs and provolone hash browns! Yes, none of this was on my diet but I figured I burned enough calories in the morning.

The rest of the day was dedicated to family time. And guess what?! I had a three-day weekend! So Rachie and I got a girls’ day on Monday. We went to lunch with Marisa and Amy D at the best Vietnamese place, Huynh. Then we went grocery shopping because our friends John and Carol were coming over for dinner – green chile tamales from Trader Joe’s!

So a busy but fun weekend. I really am appreciative of the time I get to spend with Rachel now. I mean, look how cute she is. I want to snuggle her 24/7!


I also spent some time this weekend being pensive and giving some things a little thought. I didn’t even mean to! Ew, thinking. JK. But really, I had time to evaluate a lot of stuff and try to figure out where things and people fit into my life. Basically, it all boils down to one amazing rule – never allow anyone (or anything, for that matter) to be a priority while allowing yourself to be an option.

Now it’s back to work.  And yeah, I’m 2 weeks behind on my training posts.  I’m bored of those and plus it’s so light during the week right now.  I need to step it up.

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