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A day in the life…

by Christa on February 5, 2014

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I love reading “A Day in the Life” posts, and my life has changed drastically recently (duh). I thought it would be fun to jot down a glimpse into what the New Christa life is like. Yes, I said New Christa. I do feel that there is a definitive before and after baby – my world is upside down. In a wonderful way, most of the time (yes, I said most of the time – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows). So here’s what life was like today…

5:00am – wake up to feed Rach. She slept for 6 straight hours! I feel like a different person!

5:45am – Rachel isn’t interested in sleeping, so I pull her into bed with me to cuddle since I’m not quite ready to get up. We snooze together for awhile.

6:30am – my first alarm goes off. That gets shut down quickly.

7:00am – I overslept!!! Rach is still sleeping, so I tuck her into the Rock ‘n Play and hurriedly shower and get ready for work.

7:45am – try to squeeze in a last-minute feeding so I don’t have to pump as soon as I get to work. Rachel doesn’t complain.

8:00am – our nanny shows up and I pass off baby girl and duck out the door to get to work!

8:15am – work work work, more work.

9:00am – make my oatmeal and coffee. Bring my own dishes since I’m a friend to the earth. Discover our new office doesn’t have a dishwasher. Decide the planning of the new office clearly didn’t have a woman involved; she would have thought of that! ;)

11:00am – time to pump, oy.

12:15pm – lunch with Marisa. It was the last day to use my Groupon at this particular restaurant. We tried to go on Super Bowl Sunday but it was closed! We also partake in crepes….

1:30pm – home, and have to pump since Rachel already had lunch

2:30pm – time to run errands. Pharmacy, then to the park to squeeze in some miles!

4:00pm – I thought I would make it home in time to feed Rachel, but she got hungry early – 10 week growth spurt. Pumping it is. I take advantage of her nanny being there to shower!

5:00pm – a couple of hours of baby entertaining. Play mat, diaper changing, swing. I also pour myself a glass of wine because duh, it’s 5:00.


7:00pm – time for Rachel’s bath. She’s not necessarily dirty every day, but we bathe her every day as part of her nighttime routine. Shane gets home just as we’re finishing up so I put him to work heating up dinner.

7:30pm – first bedtime feeding. She’ll stay awake a little bit after this one. We catch up on TV shows.


8:00pm – time for dinner. Rach naps in the swing and lets me eat, sweet. Leftover enchiladas and homemade pizza.

10:00pm – I keep expecting Rachel to wake up for her second bedtime feeding, but she doesn’t so I decide to crash. Shane says he’ll sleep on the couch since she’s still in the swing!!

12:00am – second bedtime feeding. And it starts all over again.

And that’s that. It’s going to change a lot once I go back to work FULL-TIME on Monday. Pretty sure I will get a lot less sleep. Might be time to start going to bed after the first bedtime feeding. Yikes!

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