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IMTX 2014 Training, Week 3

by Christa on January 20, 2014

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I’m not gonna lie, this past week I was really lagging behind in training. I did need a day or two to recover from the 45 mile bike ride and 7 mile run – that was pretty heavy only 7 weeks after surgery. And I just feel like I need to get my head in the game. Either fully COMMIT or bail – because if I’m not in it, then what’s the point? I want to do it. I really do. But it is so hard to want to get up and ride 50 miles when it’s 38 degrees outside and I’m exhausted and I need to feed the baby. I just want to cuddle her and go back to sleep.

So here’s how Week 3 went down. Judge away.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Debated going swimming but also off. Oops.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy – I actually did this workout, yay!

Thursday: Walked 3 miles.

Friday: 4 mile tempo run was on the schedule – I bailed.

Saturday: 48 mile ride was on the docket – I met Jess and Yasmin at Bear Creek. After 10 miles in, I felt dehydrated and exhausted and was all-around in a terrible mood. Soooo I did 20% of my workout. Great. But I did bust out my tri bike for the first time in over 7 months – my last few rides have been on my roadie. Hooray for aero bars.

Sunday: 9 miles total – 6 miles on the course at Houston Marathon while supporting Team in Training as an on-course coach, then another 3 when I got home.  Kept a sluggish 10:30 pace on my 3 miles…my goal is to go under 10:00/mile at the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Gotta keep pushing.  But not too hard!

Me with my friend Katie – spectating is the best!


Photo credit to Coach Jay Branson!

So yeah. That sucked. I promise this week I will be better.

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Emily January 20, 2014 at 9:01 pm

I know there’s a certain mindset that goes along with training for something as challenging as an ironman, but I’m going to say this anyway: you’re being too hard on yourself! As you said, you’re only 7 weeks past major surgery! You’re kicking more ass and taking more names than most people could ever dream to, not even mentioning new moms. Let your body talk to you and listen to what it needs. And trust me, NO ONE is judging you!


Christa January 21, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Thanks Emily. I know I am my biggest critic. You’re sweet!


Jess January 27, 2014 at 12:13 pm

You know, you just had a baby, right? Don’t beat yourself up, and if your body is telling you to slow down/sleep/take a little time off, then listen to yourself!! Whether or not you make it all the way to the Ironman, you’re doing a hell of a lot more than 99% of 7 weeks postpartum moms. To reiterate what Emily said, NO ONE is judging you!


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