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Recent Reads for October – and an update, of course.

by Christa on November 1, 2013

in Bookworm,Daily Digest

What I’ve been reading this month…

Little Earthquakes


Ok, you caught me – it’s a re-read. I love Jennifer Weiner books – even though they’re strictly chick lit, they are so funny and well-written! This one is about a group of 4 friends – babies, home life, etc. Very cute and I’m picking up on so many things I didn’t the first few times around only because I know what they are. For instance, it mentions one of the characters’ Bradley classes - well, I definitely know what those are now! If you’re not familiar with Jennifer Weiner, she also wrote In Her Shoes (that Cameron Diaz movie). My favorite book of hers is Goodnight Nobody, but I enjoyed re-reading Little Earthquakes.

Birthing from Within


I know, another baby book! This was recommended to me by my friend Liz – a supermom and nurse who is experienced in labor and delivery and home birth! I did find it helpful, and made Shane read the chapters on the role of the partner. It had a lot of information about “birth art,” which didn’t resonate with me – well, we all know how I feel about art (zzzzzZZZZZzzzz). But for real, I’m not painting a picture of the way I see my soul and body experiencing birth. Just no. Even funnier was the dads’ birth art. Rock on. But all in all, a helpful read and I’m glad I invested the time in it!

A Discovery of Witches


This was October’s book club book! To be honest, I’m only 400 pages in (out of about 600) and we already had the meeting. But I’m definitely planning on finishing. This is the first book in a trilogy, and apparently the 3rd book is coming out next July. It’s a little too fantasy and Twilighty (except WAYYYY better written than Twilight) for me. And if I have to read another chapter about the characters drinking tea I might scream. I probably won’t continue the series, but maybe it’s too early to say since I haven’t finished it yet. Of course we had a lively discussion about it at book club! And Marisa made pretzel witches’ broomsticks with chili – so festive!! Lindsey brought some pumpkin pie cheesecake cookies from Whole Foods that I am going to need to get my mitts on STAT. I love the books and the gals, but really at book club I am so about the FOOD! ;)

As far as baby news, just waiting anxiously for the little one to decide it’s time to come out. I feel like I can’t get much bigger (and actually lost a pound at the doctor this week, though I am convinced I’m just losing muscle mass); my feet and hands are so swollen – my hands getĀ big swollen sausage fingersĀ in the middle of the night, so weird. I really really thought she would be an October baby. Guess I was wrong about that one. I’ve progressed pretty far for almost 39 weeks and am confused as to why I haven’t gone into labor yet, but trying to be patient and doing what I can on my end to encourage some labor pains!! Time will tell.

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