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Pregnancy Pics Comparison – Weeks 10, 20, 30, and 40!

by Christa on November 12, 2013

in Baby Gins,Pregnancy

I really hope this is the last of these posts.

I really hope that’s not famous last words.

Week 10:


Week 20:


I remember when I was 20-21 weeks along, we were in Costa Rica.  We met a couple and the husband asked if we had gone zip-lining.  The wife responded, “Of course not! She’s pregnant!” At the time I was thrilled to finally be showing enough that someone noticed.  Now looking back, that was pretty daring on her part.  What if I just had a gut?  Now there is DEFINITELY no mistaking…

Week 30:


Week 40:


Please, please, PLEASE do not let me make it to 41 weeks….

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