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Weekend Recap – Truck or Treat, party, and more baby stuff!

by Christa on October 15, 2013

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This weekend was fannnnnntastic!

On Friday night, Aimee, her friend Monica (blog shoutout!!), Marisa, Julie, her new coworker Rachel, and I went to the Haute Wheels Truck or Treat event. It was great fun! Lots of food trucks from the Houston area, plus a showing of Rocky Horror – Halloween tradition! I don’t think I will make it to the midnight showing this Halloween, so let’s consider that my annual viewing.

I had my heart set on a veggie New Yorker dog from Good Dog, but alas, they were only coming on Saturday and Sunday to the event. Settled on a Big Greek (falafel) wrap from It’s a Wrap! alongside some of their fried mac ‘n cheese balls (which I shared, sort of).

I was interested in The Waffle Bus too since um, I love waffles. I figured it was all chicken and waffles, but lo and behold, there was a NUTELLA AND BANANA WAFFLE. Needed that immediately. Monica and I shared one - I DIE. So delicious. I need another one in my mouth STAT.



After that we just relaxed and watched Rocky Horror (meaning gossiped through the movie, which was playing on a huge screen outside) before heading home. It was a great night!  Needless to say, baby and I went home stuffed.

Saturday morning I slept in til almost 10am, which I haven’t done in a long long time. I was exhausted! I spent the day cleaning up baby girl’s room and washing some of her clothes and blankets (that’s when it started to feel really real) before we took a Target trip.

Later that night, a bunch of us gals got together to celebrate my awesome SiL and the fact that she is awesome! We hit the town at a place called Prohibition, where we saw a burlesque show (love burlesque, and it was so entertaining!), had a late dinner and dessert, and whooped and hollered for Aimee when she went onstage! Polished off the night with a little Local Pour (very popular bar right now, and I loved it). The live band was hoppin’, it was great people watching, and we had a great time. Baby only let me stay out til 1am, I’m told “night club dancing” went down after the first wave of us left – but I’m glad I made it so long, and we had a truly much needed fantastic night!

Sistas, strategically hiding the giant baby bump:


Gals (and Mac) at our pre-party (Sarah, Marisa, me, Aims, Monica, Jess):


A fun table!  Leslie, Mollie, Monica, Aimee:


All of us onstage after the show:


Sunday was a late morning too, since I didn’t shut my eyes til 1:30am! Went on a 3 mile walk with Aimee and some doggies. Then Shane and I had a hospital tour (again, things started to feel really real!). I already got an impromptu tour of Labor & Delivery, but this was much more informative and we learned all the rules and what will happen after she’s born, etc etc.

It was a day for baby stuff – we went to Babies ‘R Us for some returns and purchases. We only have a few more things left to get at Buy Buy Baby with our 20% off! Then it was back to the hospital for an infant CPR class. It really freaked me out, I don’t like having to think about needing to resuscitate her – but it’s really useful knowledge. I used to be CPR certified and definitely need to look into going to a regular class again. Why not??


Sneak peek of what the nursery is looking like these days – getting cleaned up, stuff put away, yay!


Hope everyone else had a productive weekend too!

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