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Sister Euro Trip, Part II

by Christa on October 10, 2013

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Read Part I here!

We arrived in Paris around 7pm local time at Gare du Nord, one of the main train stations. The Eurostar only took 2 hours from London – so easy! There was definitely some sketch happening in the train station, and I stopped the others from talking to strangers (namely, teen boys who were wearing capris and toms and pretending to work there – it was very strange). But eventually we got our train tickets and were on our way to the Montparnasse area.

After a few turnarounds we arrived at the hotel. We stayed at Hotel Innova.  It was small but clean, which is really all that I ask for. Definitely more European style than the London hotel – cramped quarters!! But it’s not like we were really spending that much time there, so who cares, right?

Check out the view from one of the room windows – not bad!


The first night was meant to be spent walking a mile to the Eiffel Tower and enjoying cheese, crackers, and wine (dinner of champions). It was a little wet out and we got rained on initially but we eventually made it there, snacked on our food, and I had the first of many crepes:

Crepe Baby


More tower pics:



The next morning was a hike through Montparnasse and the Latin Quarter (after cafe au lait, naturally).

Along the city streets…


Parisian lunch, NOM.


We went through the Luxembourg Gardens up to Notre Dame…

About to enter the gardens:


Notre Dame!


Then continued our trek to the Louvre. We opted to not go inside – Aimee and I had been before and deemed it “too boring” – sorry, but it’s true!! Who’s with me on that? Come ON. The Mona Lisa looks like every single picture you’ve ever seen of the Mona Lisa. #notimpressed


I had plans to find myself a Tour de France cycling jersey – but nobody had them in my size :(   They did, however, have a onesie in Baby Girl’s size!!


I was regretting not buying the yellow one since I thought the red polka dots looked too girly (what if we have a boy next??).  I didn’t even know the red polka dots meant anything!  It was Shane who told me the red polka dot jersey goes to the best hill climber.  Who knew?!

Then we had more pressing things to get to – like the Arc de Triomphe.


After cleaning up at the hotel, Aimee found a restaurant highly ranked on Yelp that we decided to check out – Pied de Fouet (foot of the whisk). It was about a mile walk (did I mention we walked 68 miles in 7 days??) so we worked up an appetite.

We got a cheese plate (might have accidentally eaten some unpasteurized cheese…oops) and entrees. Delicious!

Enjoying the vin:


We had a lot to do the next day, too!

At this point the trip was starting to wear on us – no more 8am wakeups, I think we slept til 9:30 or so. But we needed more cafe and pain au chocolat fuel.

We had plans to take the metro up to the Montmartre area and climb the steps to Sacre Couer. Man, that was a decent workout.

Sacre Couer – great views of the city.



Walked downhill to Galleries Lafayette (huge mall) but I was getting super cranky and needed lunch! Sandwiches again, on our way to Musee D’Orsay.

Musee D’Orsay is way better than the Louvre – more Impressionist art and in an old renovated train station, pretty cool.

It was a short walk over to the Lock Bridge – I wish we had brought a lock with us! But it was really cool to see.


At this point I started to feel pretty miserable (I think we walked almost 14 miles this day) and needed a crepe break. We made our way back to the hotel for a short rest before going out for a 9pm dinner (standard – people were just sitting down at 10:30 when we were leaving!). I wish I had taken a pic of the delish salad and huge pizzas we got. YUM.

Only 3 nights in Paris and the next morning we were headed back to London…

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terra October 16, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Oh, this makes me want to go back to Paris SO BAD!! We skipped going into the Louvre as well. We realized we just don’t really give a crap about art museums, and that managed to free up a lot of our time in Paris.


Christa October 23, 2013 at 8:49 am

Yep, same – museums are such a snoozefest to me. And the Louvre is so huge – it’s like, sorry, I don’t want to see your doorknob collection. I’d rather eat a crepe! :)


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