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Happy 4 years.

by Christa on October 24, 2013

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Today is our 4 year anniversary. It’s so funny to think of everywhere we’ve been (literally and metaphorically) and everything we’ve done since our wedding day. I won’t spell it all out, but let’s just say another dog, a cross-country move, new jobs, baby on the way.  And let’s not forget that Shane has a beard now.

And I have to say we are happy. I never knew I could be so happy. Every day with Shane is effortless. Sure, we have our ups and downs, just like any couple. We bicker and nit-pick and whine (me). But the good days so outweigh the bad.


And the pretty (usually) outweighs the ugly.


And it’s been a lot of fun.


I never realized before how much of my heart I generally keep closed off. I think it must be a self-preservation thing, but little by little it’s started to open more. Either that or my heart is just expanding, which is more likely the case.  It scares me how much I’m capable of loving and falling in love, as I do every day now. I know that when I see Shane hold our girl that the floodgates will open, my heart will explode, and I’ll be completely helpless; I’m ok with that.

These four years have been amazing. I’m looking forward to all that is to come.


Happy anniversary.

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