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Aimee’s Race Recap: Lifetime Dallas Triathlon

by Christa on October 11, 2013

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The following is written by my awesome SiL Aimee, who just finished her first triathlon!  She gives me way too much credit; I barely had to do anything – she’s a natural! Let’s see how it all went down…

Okay, okay, okaayyyyyy– so I completed my first tri and made it back (in one piece!) to tell you all about it!

For reference, I’m the SiL bullied, errr, heavily pressured into doing a triathlon.  Let’s first say, the pressure has been steadily increasing for a long while now…I finally caved when the stars aligned (ie. Christa planned her Dallas baby shower for the same weekend as the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon) AND I’m so glad I did!  The experience was like none other but it sure took a lot of hard work to get to race day!

**Let me interrupt this recap for a PSA on the supreme coaching skills of one Mrs. Christa Ginsburg.  She starting coaching this never-swimmer at 32 weeks pregnant and repeatedly got up before the sun, weekdays and weekends to train me.  She made a training schedule for me to follow and spent HOURS teaching me how to swim, answer my ridiculous questions, listen to my ramblings, and correct my natural tendencies to swim like a fish with a broken back.  All without laughing at me.  Bonus points!  There is absolutely no way on this planet I’d have attempted or completed the race without her, and so I owe her a debt of gratitude.  Ew, enough mush…back to the recap*

Sooooo, race day.

The Swim:  28:16 :(
It was a frigid 50 degrees when we left the house last Sunday…after a high of 90 degrees Friday.  Yeah, Dallas!  So I got all stuffed into a super flattering and comfortable wet suit and huddled with the family spectating section until it was my wave’s turn to get a move on.  Let me set the scene: The water was 69 degrees, aka ice cold.  The wind was about 11-12 mph by the time we got started.  The floor of the lake was muddy and gooey, making the water cloudy and brown.  The boats on the look out for drowners were plentiful, as were the gas fumes from their engines.  All in all, I was doomed!  I tried to start swimming, as per usual, and was overcome by fear, intense charlie horse cramps in alternating calves and the desire to raise my hand and get pulled out of the water (shhh, I didn’t tell that to Christa!).  Yeah, seeing as though that was not an option after a solid month of training, I got my swim on.  It took forever due to the cramps and need for ‘water angels’ aka, swimming on my back and side and doing whatever it took to make the the never ending 800 meters. (shut it, you IM readers!  It was rough!!)

T1: 5:56
Ran out of the water and saw said family spectators (FS) and gave them the double thumbs down as I ran up to transition.  Remembered where my goodies were (great success!) and got to stripping and redressing and refueling.  Saw FS and said ‘I’m still doing it!’ and jogged my bike up the insanely steep hill just outside transition.

The Bike: 49:46
Who knew Rockwall was so hilly?!  The bike was much tougher than the Houston parks I had been accustomed, but pushed through the hills and started passing folk (I had to make up some of that terrible swim time!).  The weather had warmed some but it was still chilly and windy on the course.  For real, it was like we were in the Hill Country.  Rockwall don’t play.  The ride felt good, no issues.  I got a few ‘Go Team’ hollers for wearing my TNT gear, which is always fun to hear when you’re out there doing your thang.  The sprint course (have I told you I did the sprint yet?) met up with the international course near then end and I liked trying to keep up with those BAMFs.  The last descent was the same hill I had to walk up initially and again saw the FS and my brother, who happily reminded me ‘You’re still doing it!’.  Thanks, bud!


T2: 2:44
Yes I did!  All due to the fact that I didn’t have to change shoes, just find my water bottle and gu.  Just climb to the third row to for my designated space.

The Run: 34:29
Started up another hill– seriously, I was so over hills by this time.  Saw Christa’s dad at the top of the hill and he told me to get a move on cause I was almost done :)   Running isn’t fun without music.  That’s by far the worst part of triathlon, if you ask me.  The run was an out and back and I almost cried when the volunteers said 5K turnaround here!  I did let out a little scream when I realized I was almost done!  Saw my friend (who is incidentally doing his first IM, IMAZ, in 5 weeks and this was his first tri…no lie.)  Anyway, back to me.  Run, run, run, till the last water stop where some old guy nailed me in the head with his water cup, thinking I was a trashcan.  No worries buddy, this race is mine.  Final descent and a long long chute later (where my mom was screaming so loud, I literally had to plug my ear — poor Christa, by her side!) and I was a triathlete!!


I was told a good first tri time goal was 2 hours and I almost hit it…2:01.12.  Oh well, there’s always next time, riiiight?
Looking back, it was tons of fun, tons of work and tons of great memories.  I have to admit, spectating is a touch more fun (read: easier) but I did say I’d do another when Christa’s dad does his.  Truth.

Thanks again, Christa…you gave me a gift I would have NEVER given myself.  I’m a triathlete, yo!!


Isn’t she a great blogger?!  And I’m so proud of her!  Now she can join the ranks of smug a-hole triathletes;) I can’t wait for the next tri – maybe one day we will get to do one together! #morepeerpressure

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Angela @ Happy Fit Mama October 11, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Way to go! Anyone who does a TRI is a super star in my book!


Christa October 16, 2013 at 12:31 pm

I agree, she is a BA! ;)


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