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Weekend recap in pictures: Wedding, flower arrangements, and red velvet hush puppies.

by Christa on September 4, 2013

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Over Labor Day weekend, we attended Jess’ wedding outside DC! It didn’t get off to the best start, though. We severely underestimated traffic and parking at Hobby Airport (we were flying Southwest). Ok can I tangent for a second and tell you that we got a KICKASS deal on Southwest tickets?? Yeah, they weren’t at the most awesome times (7pm and 7am departures), but we paid less than $200 apiece. TO DC REAGAN NATIONAL. I know. Ok, anyway…

We left around 5:15 for our 7pm flight. We tried to park at The Parking Spot but they were full. We went another place and it was $16/day valet. I suggested trying Eco Park, which is where I usually park at Hobby. At this point we were running short on time and I calmly informed him, “If we miss our flight, I am going to freak the fuck out.” True story. There were no more flights to DC that day, so I was understandably stressed. The line to even get into the airport was super long and by the time we got to the parking area, Shane opted to just park in the garage for $17/day. So that’s where we got screwed, but it was worth it. Thankfully the line at security was practically non-existent and we even had time to grab some wraps for dinner.

Didn’t get into DC til 11pm and it was midnight by the time we pulled up at Hotel George – 5 miles from the airport, right near Capitol Hill. Exhaustion hit for sure.

Shane had never been to DC, so we woke up really early to hit some sights before heading to Kent Island.

Capitol building – pic taken directly into the sun, of course.


Washington Monument – they are still making repairs after Hurricane Sandy 2 years ago.  It looks really strange at night, and we couldn’t see the scaffolding til we got up close! (Update: the cab driver told us it was from Sandy but my friend Bethany just informed me that it is actually from the earthquake!).


Mommy and Baby Girl at the Lincoln Memorial.  Shane insisted on taking a bunch of pics of just my belly with everything, “so we can show her that she’s already been here and we don’t need to take her.”  HAH!  I’ll refrain from posting because they also zoom in on the boobs, simply due to location.  ;)


Shane was just not very impressed.  He’s not a history buff.  Serial killer face:


I did something I don’t usually do. We had only walked 2-2.5 miles at this point, but I was really hot and getting miserable, so I asked to take a taxi back to the hotel. Shane agreed :o ) I must have looked pretty crappy. $10 well spent!! Nothing left to do but head out of DC and get on the road to the coast.

Kent Island is about 45 miles from DC, on the Maryland coast. It was truly picturesque and the perfect place for a wedding! We had lunch and started getting ready for the cocktail party that evening.

Cocktail party selfie!


Shane took advantage of my designated driver status and indulged in the Yuenglings. I, however, indulged in the RED VELVET HUSH PUPPIES. I had 5 of these puppies. Deeeeelish.


With the beautiful bride. I think this is the most pregnant I have looked – my face is so round!


Sitting on the deck.


We picked up dinner at a local Italian place and ate it in the hotel room – classy like that. At around 10pm all the bridesmaids met up to arrange flowers for the reception. Sorry I’m not sorry that I’m basically a professional.


Crashed around 1am and needed to be at the wedding site by 10 the next morning to help set up. I made Shane take me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and he called me white trash. Everyone knows Cracker Barrel is THE SHIT. I needed eggs, biscuits, and a large chocolate milk STAT.

Properly fueled, I was put to work! I alphabetized all the place cards, strung them along these mini clothes lines, arranged more flowers, spotted Shane on a ladder hanging string lights, and had some other tasks.


Jess put so much effort into the wedding and decor – I was impressed. She is so creative and has a knack for detail. The theme was “garden party formal” with lots of flowers, candles, moss, bird cages, and other fun stuff. Finally it was time for the bride to start getting ready!

The seating was actually a spiral with Jess and her fiancee Alan in the middle. So we had to walk through the spiral.



Why is my escort wearing a graduation robe? He was their friend who was officiating!! It was really personal. And they had the rings passed from one end of the spiral to her dad in the first seat, so everyone got to hold them – such a nice touch. I teared up but managed to hold it together. I only really cried when Jess gave me a locket with a special note in it – such a sap, but we have been friends FOREVER. We used to dream about our wedding days. Of course back then, she was going to marry JC Chasez and I was going to marry Justin Timberlake. Like ya do. ‘N Sync concerts were heavily featured in our friendship growing up. I digress.



Now time to eat some dinner and dance the night away with my main man.


With the bride.  Ok I change my mind – THIS is the most preg I have ever looked.


Of course I needed a pic of the desserts.  Standard.


With Mallory, another bridesmaid. She is moving to Houston soon!!


Jess had made a moss wall with a bunch of pictures on it.  I snapped this one because of the dress she is wearing – the bridesmaid dress from our wedding!  PROOF that it got a re-wear!  I am so happy!! Hahah.


The reception was beautiful and the only snafu came when the fire marshall shut down their surprise fireworks at the end :( BOOOO. But there were still sparklers!!! And the wedding was at Kent Manor, where we were staying, so when it was over we just walked upstairs to the room. I was worried I wouldn’t get to see Jess since she had a lot of goodbyes to say and there was no way I could make it to the porch after-party. I was fading fast. BUT, awesome gal that she is, she came to say goodbye once she came upstairs. I will get to see her in just 2.5 more weeks at my baby shower!! YESSS.

We had to wake up at 4am to clear out and drive back to DC for our 7am flight. All in all a super wonderful weekend. Had so much fun with Jess and all the other bridesmaids and their dates. Weddings are the best!

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