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Week 31.

by Christa on September 9, 2013

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The baby is the size of a head of lettuce.


The pics are dark this week – we took ‘em last night!

Total Weight Gain: Still chillin at 18 pounds. I can really see that I’ve gained weight in my face and thighs now. I just don’t know how – I haven’t changed my diet all that much. I guess it’s the slowing down on exercise?

Weekly Workouts: On Labor Day I forced myself to go to the gym. I ran 1 mile as a warmup and then swam 1000 yards. Tuesday went to prenatal yoga. Wednesday was a 3 mile run in the morning. Thursday, a 3 mile ralk with Marisa in the evening. I was REALLY feeling it since it was hot out and I was tired from the long day. On Friday I went to the Y with Aimee for her first swim session! I’d say we swam between 500 and 750 yards. Saturday was an early morning “long” run of 5 miles with Marisa. Went much better than Thursday!! On Sunday Aimee and I went to 288 Lake for open water swimming. Swam about 1250 meters. It went really well!

Maternity Clothes: Believe it or not, I can still fit into my regular work pants. Obviously I need a Bella Band but they are getting me through work and museum tours!

Sleep: Not going well. I wake up to pee at least once per night, and toss and turn the rest of the night. Although tossing and turning is not easy. I grunt and whine and sloooooowly roll over. And omg, the leg cramps. I’ve always had “Charlie horses” maybe once per month, but now I get them almost every night. They are paralyzing and I cryyyy and cryyyy. Shane usually shushes me in his sleep. Thanks.

Best Moment of the Week: Although I talked about how services are boring, I love going to dinner and high holiday services with family and friends.

Food cravings: Right now we have WATERMELON and it is fantastic.

Food aversions: Sometimes nothing sounds good, which is a pain.

Symptoms: Getting bigger still, leg cramps, swollen hands and feet occasionally.

Movement: She’s still moving around a lot. Shane says she will be a partier like her mom.

“As far as growth goes, your baby’s still on a roll, measuring an impressive 18 inches and weighing in at more than three pounds. At 31 weeks pregnant, you can still expect your baby to gain at least three to five pounds, possibly more, before you two meet.

Your baby’s brain is working overtime these days, developing faster than ever. Connections between individual nerve cells are growing at a frenetic clip, and your baby can now perceive information from all five senses. Sure, your baby can’t smell anything right now, but that’s only because he or she is still submerged in amniotic fluid and needs to be breathing air to get a whiff of anything. Lucky for you — and your baby — yours will be one of the very first scents your baby breathes in, a scent that will quickly become her very favorite.

So what’s your little dove doing all day while you’re busy feathering your nest for his or her arrival? Making faces, hiccupping, swallowing, breathing, pedaling with little hands and feet along your uterine wall, and even sucking her thumb. In fact, some babies suck their thumbs so vigorously while in the womb that they’re born with a callus on their thumb (what a little sucker!).” – What to Expect (

Gender: It’s a girl!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Um, my massage tonight. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. AND Baby Girl’s room is starting to come together – Shane is priming and painting this week so she has some fresh color on the walls. And we will get to set up the crib and twin bed.

What I Miss: Riding a bike. :(

Next Appointment: 9/12


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Stacey September 12, 2013 at 1:20 pm

I think you look fantastic! I admire all the exercise you dedicate yourself to. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m getting back into the swing of things myself. This first trimester has been rough.

Are you happy with the Bella Band? I’ve been looking around online for options. I will probably need to order one in the next few weeks.


Christa September 12, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Thank you Stacey!! Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough first trimester – the second tri is the best!

Yes, I have lived in the Bella Band. I think it is personal preference since one of my friends never used hers, but I have been using it ever since my pants became tough to button, and I am still wearing it (right now, actually!).


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