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Some great news but worst sign ever.

by Christa on September 12, 2013

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The week continues….we went to dinner with our friends Cameron and Lis last night at Vinoteca Poscol. We had never been to this cute wine bar/Italian place on Westheimer and are really glad they introduced us! We are NOT glad, however, that they are moving to Rhode Island soon…boo! We will miss them.

Got some great news at my doctor appointment today. I knew I passed the glucose screen, but I learned I passed it by a pretty good margin – so I’m happy that my body can process some SUGARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! but mostly happy that I don’t have to do the 3-hour test. I was nervous about that because I don’t deal well with blood and at that one they take your blood every hour. YIKES.

Also found out which way the baby was facing. I am never sure if the bulge I feel is her head or her butt… but it looks like she is already in a good position, head down and facing my back. She still has some wiggle room, but hopefully she will settle into that position in the coming weeks.

Tonight I have dinner with my friend Shellie at Roots Bistro. After she suggested it, I naturally looked up the website then looked them up on Twitter, where I noticed a few apology tweets. Huh? After some more Googling, I found that they had received a lot of community backlash for posting this sign outside the restaurant:


Seriously, WHO thought that was a good idea? Jeeeeeeeez.

That was a few months ago and I’m still looking forward to trying it out though. The menu looks decent!  Although it better be pretty good because I am still mad at them for making me move my car when I went to Bar Method next door.  We shall see if they are to be forgiven….

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terra September 17, 2013 at 8:13 am

WTF?!? Why in the hell would anyone, EVER think that was appropriate to post on a sign?! That’s TERRIBLE!


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