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Soccer games, Junior League, TORCHY’S!!

by Christa on September 27, 2013

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This Wednesday was fun and much less eventful than LAST Wednesday!!  Marisa, Jessica, Amy D, and I went to the Dynamo game!  Dynamo is Houston’s Major League Soccer team.  They play in a brand new stadium (it opened last year) east of downtown; it’s pretty nice.  They have a fairly big following and from what I can tell are decent at soccer.  Hey, that is more than we can say for the Astros and baseball, I’m just saying (not that this Rangers fan really cares).

I didn’t know anything about soccer until Shane and I were in Germany during 2006 for the World Cup.  Well, we weren’t there FOR the World Cup, it just happened to be taking place that summer.  But we definitely got to watch our fair share of soccer!  So it can be pretty fun.


My standard stadium beer was replaced with Dippin’ Dots.  Cheaper, but not as refreshing.

And Dynamo won!

It has been a loooong week at work – trying to knock a bunch of stuff out before maternity leave, so I’m working at full speed and still extra exhausted.  So that’s eventful.

Last night I got to sit with a few fun ladies at the Junior League Prospective Member Open House!  I get asked all the time what Junior League is, and the simplest way to put it is that it’s a women’s service organization.  Most big cities have a JL and while it sometimes gets a bad rep (for having snooty members or being a sorority after college – so not true), it’s really a great way to get involved in the community (yes, I have been drinking the kool-aid).  It’s actually how I met Amy D – Junior League in Charlotte!!  As you can tell, it’s also a great way to make new friends.  Junior League opens lots of doors.  For instance, my community placement at the Holocaust Museum is something I would probably never have been able to achieve on my own (as my schedule is not particularly flexible since I work full time), however the museum reserves spots for Junior League members!  To apply to become a member of the Junior League, you have to first obtain sponsors – the number depends on your city.  Charlotte only required one sponsor, Houston requires three, and I have heard Dallas requires FIVE.  Jeez.  So I am acting as lead sponsor for my SiL!!  The first year is the hardest, putting in a lot of community service hours, working on special event teams, and attending education sessions.  After provisional year, when one is considered an “active,” you get a community placement – so my placement is the museum and I work a minimum of 72 hours per year there.  Then I have to work one special event team per year, attend 4 meetings, and of course pay my dues. BUT as of yesterday I am now on baby leave (well…once it gets “voted on” – but I am sure it will pass).  So I am exempt from my placement for the rest of the year but I still have to attend meetings and work my special event. I could go on and on about JL; being involved with other volunteer organizations really has made me realize how well it is run.  I highly recommend checking it out (and soon if you’re around my age – most leagues will only allow applications up to age 35).

Wow, that was a long spiel.  After I got home from the meeting, I noticed Shane had bought a pineapple!  That’s how big Baby Girl is right now!!  And believe me, I can tell.  She is always moving around, and definitely getting bigger.  I was warned to be careful, because apparently eating pineapple recently helped my friend go into labor.  After some Googling, it was confirmed that pineapple does help “ripen the cervix” – FUN.


So maybe no pineapple for me quite yet.  I told Baby that if she stays put for another couple of weeks, after that she can show up whenever she wants.

Some of my t-shirts are getting a weeeeeee bit too small!


Awkward bathroom selfies FTW.

The new Torchy’s Tacos opened in our neighborhood yesterday – soooo delicious!!!  I always get the Independent – fried portabello mushrooms, and very spicy! It is in a really cool location along 19th, in the historic Harold’s building.


Photo via CultureMap

I actually think it’s much nicer than the Shepherd location, Houston peeps.  And parking doesn’t suck!  Hooray! We didn’t arrive until 9:15 for dinner last night and it was still packed.

This weekend should be fun – I’m water stopping for TNT for their peak week tomorrow at the crack of dawn, then later Shane and I are taking a newborn care class.  I don’t have any other plans except swimming at 288 on Sunday, so it should hopefully be nice and relaxing too.

Happy weekending!




Lindsay September 27, 2013 at 2:16 pm

I ate some pineapple yesterday. I will have to check my cervix and get back to you.

Christa September 27, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Oh good, please do!!

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