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Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

by Christa on September 17, 2013

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Sometimes I have to go really backward ways to get home from work. Traffic in Houston is beyond awful, and I-10 (the main highway from home to work, work to home) gets really backed up in the afternoon. In the morning it’s kind of a breeze since I work east of downtown – everyone takes the downtown exits and I just sail through!

But the afternoons. Bleh.

So on most afternoons, I take 59 up to 610 (the loop around the inner part of the city) and exit on the main street that leads to our house – kind of backward, like I said). Well yesterday 610 was ALSO really backed up, so I took 45 South – Houston peeps, I hope you’re following me and recognizing that this is cray. Anyway, when I finally exited and got to crawl my way across the northwest quadrant inside the loop (where we live), I saw something very exciting:

No. Way.


It was a fully-functioning Blockbuster video. WITH THE VIDEOTAPE LOGO SIGN OUT FRONT. This is truly a rare sighting these days. I was impressed and had to snap a picture. Whaaaaaaat.  Be kind, rewind.

Something ELSE you don’t see every day.


These are my new PROCompression swirl socks. They look like candy and I got them 40% off thanks to Skinny Runner. I didn’t run at all yesterday, so why was I wearing them? Let me tell you – I was sitting on my knees (or attempting to) after I got home, cleaning the bathtub. Something felt super funny and I realized my butt was not hitting my heels. Due to some fat. I thought, “Holy shit, have my thighs gotten so fat that they are literally keeping me from sitting on my knees?” I sat back to inspect and came to the conclusion that it’s not my thighs – though they’ve gotten fatter, they were not the culprit. It was my CALVES. MY CALVES ARE FAT. I don’t know if they were swollen from the 5K still or just swollen in general….I’ve gotten accustomed to seeing cankles. So I had to toss on the new compression socks and wore them all night. This morning I did another test, and it felt much easier.

SO WEIRD. I have never heard of the fat calf side effect. But it exists.  Another weird thing?  My knee joints look different.  I’m serious.  They’ve changed.  They look funny to me.  There’s a hole in the kneecap-ish area where I swear there wasn’t before.  Can’t make this up.

When is the last time you went to a Blockbuster?  I went once when I was living in NC because my friends and I wanted to have a Twilight watching party and Redbox only had New Moon.  They had to look up my membership by my TX Driver’s License number – I remembered it!

WHO ELSE HAS EXPERIENCED FAT CALVES?  I know you’re out there.

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