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Weekend Recap: Dinosaurs, movies, private classes.

by Christa on August 25, 2013

in Weekend Recap

This weekend kicked off Friday night!  I’m happy to report that I’ve now been to one of the famous mixers at the Museum of Natural Science here in Houston.  Their monthly gatherings used to be called “Mixers and Elixirs” but now goes by the more obscure “LaB 5555.”  The museum is pretty cool in itself, but these parties of sorts include several local food trucks outside, and a band and drinks inside!   I wasn’t at all sad to miss out on the drinks, though – the lines were extremely long for the bars!  It’s fun to mix and mingle around all the dinos inside and the 80s/90s cover band was actually really decent.


Shea, Kyle, and I had grilled cheese sandwiches from Golden Grill – YUM.  Pretty hard to screw up a grilled cheese.  I just got plain cheddar but it was delicious.  What was NOT fun was waiting in line in the heat – so hot and humid on Friday night.  I had to get two bottles of water!  Not ashamed to tell you that I briefly stuck one down my shirt while I drank the other one.  Over it.

One bad side effect of being on my feet all night – I came home and had some seriously legit cankles.  I think my exact reaction was, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Cue compression socks STAT.

photo (87)


You can see the cankles TRHOUGH the socks.  Not impressed, pregnancy.  Not. Impressed.

So thanks to the cankles, I decided to forego my “long” run in the morning in favor of sleeping in.  I went to bed really late anyway – 11pm (this is super late to me now).  We went to childbirth class and at the end watched a video of a c-section and I’m sufficiently scarred for life, no pun intended.  It was way worse to watch than a normal birth, in my opinion.  I know that an emergency c-section is certainly a possibility, but I really hope it is not in the cards for me.  Knock wood.

Since I skipped my morning run and it was miserably hot out, I scheduled a hot date with the gym.  I did a 6 mile run on the treadmill.  Ran 3 miles, then did a small circuit of weights (seriously, who am I?), and ran another 3.  I’m happy to say I kept the running at a 10:00/mile pace, not so easy these days.  Cooled down with a 750-yard swim in my new swimsuit!!  It’s from Athleta, it was on major sale, and I love it.

photo (88)


Swimsuit pic just happened.  To be honest, I didn’t even think it would fit right now – it’s just a regular size small in their Dive In tankini.  This one is the asphalt color; I like it so much that I ordered another one in purple. Got a small AND medium this time so I can see how they compare.  Free shipping returns so who cares.

A little weird thing happened at the pool, though.  It was crowded but one lane only had one swimmer in it, so I did what I always do…I sat at the edge of the pool and waited for the guy to finish his lap.  When he went to make the turn at the wall, I said, “Mind if we lane share?”  I KNOW he saw me, he had to have seen my legs in the water, but he ignored me and kept swimming.  A woman in the next lane kind of laughed as if to say, “what the heck?”  I would have shared with her but there was already another person in her lane so it’s only fair that this guy should share too!!  Well, he was just going to have to get used to the idea.  The next time he came back to the wall, I said loudly, “CAN WE SHARE?”  He sort of rolled his eyes but gave me a thumbs up and kept swimming.  Whatever dude.  At least I proceeded to lap him more than several times while I did my swim – take that.  I didn’t let it ruffle my feathers and during the middle of my cool down some people left and I moved over to get a lane to myself.

/end rant

Shane and I went to Skewers for dinner.  I had bought a Voice Daily Deal so we had half off!  Love a good bargain.  We both had the falafel – I had been there before but forgot it was indeed pretty good.  And cheap!  For $9.99, you get the falafel pita wrap, a generous side salad, AND French fries!  I got a little overzealous with the fries and got some ketchup on myself.  Boo, slob.

Then we saw We’re the Millers – it got mixed reviews but we both thought it was pretty funny.  And I really enjoyed the pretzel M&Ms and Sour Patch Kids; wouldn’t have felt right scarfing those down while watching The Butler, though I do still want to see that.

Instead of Define Body or Rev, this morning I decided to scope out the Define Prenatal class.  It’s basically Body but with some modifications to accommodate the belly.  I ended up getting a PRIVATE lesson since I’m the only one dumb enough to show up at 8am on a dark and cloudy Sunday.



We did glutes on the mat, and I swear I was going to cry soon.  SO HARD.  But first of all, I had to work harder because I was the only one in the class so the instructor was always watching me.  And then I thought, “Ok, how can you expect to get through labor if you can’t even get through a set of glutes without stopping?”  I better see some results, that’s all I gotta say!  Tough stuff.

The rest of today was a typical lazy Sunday – I got home and made eggs and homemade biscuits for breakfast, and we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad (catching up, we’re in the middle of Season 4).

Tonight we are going to dinner at Shea and Kyle’s!  I’m off to make guacamole and beer-ritas, which sadly I will not partake in because I’m a little heavy handed with the tequila bottle, oops!

How was your weekend? 

Ever had anything weird happen to you at the gym? 

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