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Totally the best news ever…

by Christa on August 15, 2013

in Daily Digest,Haus Ginsburg

Great news that I’m very excited about!

…..the china buffet is gone. DUM DUM DUMMMMM! Anti-climactic, I know. But really, this thing was huge and taking up so much space in Baby G’s room. Luckily my TNT friend Rudy saw my last blog post and knew someone who wanted it!!  So that’s worked out; my mom is coming in town this weekend and bringing a twin bed with her and at least we’ll have somewhere to put it.

This is what Baby G’s room looks like now.

From the door:

photo (83)

From the corner:

photo (82)

From the middle of the room:

photo (81)

It’s tiny.

We still need to get out that coffee table, the TV (going back in the office), and get rid of that POS media stand. The trainer will go in the office too. And a lot of that stuff will find a new home at Goodwill. Those bookshelves need a place to live too. I think we might be able to fit one in her room, but the other one might need to go in the office or guest room. My dad built those!

I’m not so much into a) shopping or b) decorating, so poor Baby G will have a pretty simple nursery. I’m sure she cares. But our savings account thanks me! So we have the twin bed for me to crash on if necessary, an ooooollllllddddd dresser (it was MY changing table and dresser when I was born), a rocking chair (getting another one to put upstairs too), and all we need is the crib. We have already picked one out so we just need to order it and pick it up at the store. Bada-bing!

I had full intentions of running yesterday but it just didn’t happen. I needed more sleep in the morning (it’s true what they say about the third trimester exhaustion) and I got all my gear on to go in the evening but as soon as I opened the front door, the sky opened up. I’m all for running in the rain, but with the wind and lightning I just wasn’t feeling it. So instead we went to Ruggles Green and I FINALLY got my veggie burger fix. YUM.

Hmmm, workouts – today I ran 4.5 miles with Aimee. We made it back just in time – it was raining on my way to a conference this morning, about 45 minutes later. I saw my friend Laura making her way back home on her run along Memorial, but she looked pretty happy about it! And before the buffet pickup extravaganza I went to my first Define: Body class in 7 months! I love the Rev classes but just never feel like doing the Body ones – kind of like a barre/toning class…small weights and the like. Felt good!  It was weird that I am unable to do some of the stuff I’m used to – folding forward at the waist feels really weird, and so does ab work.   I kept thinking, “I hope I’m not hurting her!”  But all the books I read said ab work is fine.  Shane’s take? “You don’t have abs right now.”  Hey, they’re in there somewhere.

Speaking of Shane, he made some AWESOME green chili mac ‘n cheese for dinner – so good.  With salads, for yknow…veggies. Ish. #whocares #moremacplease

Friday morning means swimming with Amy D at 6am and then my mom comes in town in the afternoon! I can’t wait! We have a girly weekend planned. It’s rare that I get time alone with my mom so we will make the most of it.

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