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How the Ironman World Championship made me cry.

by Christa on August 28, 2013

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This is a little story to illustrate how high emotions are running in Haus Ginsburg these days. I was telling this anecdote to Aimee and Jess the other night, and Jess started laughing and said, “Oh my God, you have to put that on the blog. Other people need to hear this.” So I’ll try to paint the picture.


It was Sunday early afternoon and Shane and I were sitting in the living room watching an episode of Breaking Bad (like ya do). I got a text from my dad saying, “Kona is on TV.” Well naturally I got excited because even though it was likely last year’s, which I have seen at least twice, it never hurts to watch again. I told Shane to please stop Breaking Bad, that I wanted to just hit record and then we could go back to the show. He said, “Wait, let me see if it’s on TV.” I replied, “It is, my dad just said it’s on NBC.”

He pauses the show and starts looking at his PHONE – at the Uverse app. This infuriates me, because helloooo, the remote and the TV are right fucking THERE, dude. I say, “Give me the remote, I’ll look myself.” He’s all, “No, just Noodle & Doodle is on. It’s not the World Championship.” So I’m like, “It’s probably NBC SPORTS, genius, not regular NBC. And GIVE ME THE REMOTE.” He grabs the remote and holds it out of reach while still looking at his phone even though the TV IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. Now I’m getting really angry. I want the remote; I want to look for myself. My dad says it’s on, it must be on, right?!

I open my laptop and head to NBC Sports to see what’s on TV. Please note – we are sitting in front of the TV, looking to see what’s on TV, while not actually looking at the TV. I am on my computer and he is on his phone. RIDDLE ME THAT.

Lo and behold, NBC Sports says the Ironman World Championship is on TV right now. But Shane says, “No, something else is on.” “Well, the website says this is what’s on and my dad says this is on so can we please change the channel?” He tosses the remote at me. “Here, knock yourself out.”


BUT WHY would the website say it’s on?! Is it on everywhere but Houston?? This is bullshit, NBC. Now I’m frustrated, annoyed, and disappointed. I just want to curl up in a ball of sorrow because the world is unfair and websites say that shows are on when they aren’t.

I go to our bedroom, curl up in my ball of sorrow, and the tears come. I hate everyone.

And that’s how the Ironman World Championship made me cry.

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