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The Bike and the Bump

by Christa on July 12, 2013

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A lot of gals I know have grappled with the same question – should I ride my bike while pregnant?

Of course this is a really personal decision.  I’ll admit I was skeptical before I got pregnant.  I wasn’t sure if it was safe or how I would feel!

But after I was in the position myself, I didn’t hesitate!  I found out I was pregnant at just four weeks and felt comfortable getting in the saddle – I rode 47 miles two days later with Jordann and my dad! I felt a little more tired, but other than that, just the same old riding.

Me and Dad at the Plane Great Ride while I’m 4 weeks along – he’s none the wiser!

photo (71)

At six weeks, I did the dreaded Tour de Houston. This was the first organized ride I’ve ever done within the city. It was poorly organized and my friends and I agreed we felt unsafe on the way back into downtown, due to all the traffic. I have never felt that way on a bike before. It was a 70 mile ride and at mile 65 I pulled over into the Edwards Cinema at Greenway Plaza and called Shane crying to pick me up. That was new!! If it had just been me, I wouldn’t have been so distraught, but I had to err on the side of caution. Shane said he saw people on the route on the way to get me and was glad that I decided to pull out.

And at eight weeks, I tackled the most difficult ride I’ve ever done – the bike leg of Oceanside 70.3. Brutal.

Oceanside Bike

Some people say you shouldn’t ride your bike because of the risk of an accident. That’s what makes cycling so dangerous anyway though. I mentioned to my doctor at my 22 week appointment that I am still riding my bike and she said it was fine as long as I felt safe. I am a pretty defensive and definitely a law-abiding cyclist, so I still feel ok. I don’t take chances.

I always said I’d stop at 6 months since my belly will be bigger and my balance will be off. I haven’t really been riding in aero since you have less control over the bike that way. Plus, it feels funny!! My legs start to collide with the bump – not painful or uncomfortable, it just feels really weird. I probably wouldn’t be on my tri bike at all since I’m not riding fast or in aero – but I’ve sort of peer pressured my SiL into riding with me lately and the road bike is much better for beginners, in my opinion. So I just look silly on my sweet ride!! Worth it to ride with Aimee and my other friends though.

Us in our bike gear – Aimee’s first ride at Bear Creek!

photo (70)

I have been averaging about 15mph, slower than normal, keeping it safe. This weekend a group of us is going up to The Woodlands to ride 40 miles on the IMTX course. I’m looking forward to it – I love riding in The Woodlands!

And then the following weekend we are doing the 50 mile route at the Katy Flatland Century. My dad is coming in town and will ride it, too! After that I am stopping the road riding and will be on the trainer – BOOOOOO. But I’m very glad to have made it so far in the pregnancy and be able to still ride comfortably. It’s only a few months, I’ll try to keep my bike fitness. I can’t stop myself from thinking, “But when she’s born it will be winter and then I can’t ride outside for ANOTHER couple of months! Too cold!” I have a feeling I will be ready to go at the end of January, temperature and runny nose be damned.

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Whitney July 13, 2013 at 8:48 am

You need to let me know the next time you come up to The Woodlands! I’d love to grab lunch :)


Christa July 16, 2013 at 7:52 am

That would be so fun – I would love to meet up too!


terra July 15, 2013 at 6:17 pm

You’re a rock star.

Also, when I ran my first half back in March I passed a woman who had to have been 7+ months pregnant and now that I think about that, it reminds me of you. I was impressed, but from everything I’ve heard, staying active when you’ve been active while pregnant seems like a pretty normal and healthy thing to do.


Christa July 16, 2013 at 7:52 am

Haha, thanks lady. I don’t feel like a rock star when I am huffing and puffing on a route that used to be easy breezy to me. But I have to put everything into perspective.
I am going to stay active for as long as I can!


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