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Week 19

by Christa on June 17, 2013

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The baby is the size of a mango.  I SO HAVE A MANGO BUMP NOW.

Total Weight Gain: Five or six pounds.

Weekly Workouts: Took another easy week. It’s awesome to have free time! Ran 3 miles by myself on Tuesday, then 5 with Shea on Wednesday and 5 with Aimee on Thursday. Spin class on Friday, bike ride (23 miles!) with Aimee and Jessica on Saturday. Had full intentions of doing a long run on Sunday, but late nights + heat = sleeping in and making waffles instead :)

Maternity Clothes:  My awesome MiL picked up some pants for me to try on from the Macy’s sale – our Macy’s didn’t have maternity, what the hell!  I did some browsing at Target and (shudder) Motherhood Maternity.  No purchases.  The pants were either too long (regular) or too short (petite) and there’s no way I would pay to get them altered.  I really just need a pair of work pants and a pair of jeans – I think I can get through the whole thing like that.  Bought a few dresses from TJ, but two were different colors of a dress I already have and love!  Can work while pregnant, so why not.

Sleep: Sleeping through the night lately, not even getting up. Pretty cool.

Best Moment of the Week: Had a lot of fun times this week. The bike ride on Saturday was lots of fun, as was our girls’ night out! And feeling the baby move has been pretty cool in itself.

Food cravings: Veggies – I’m eating lots of carrots and tomatoes with hummus. Salads. Oh and French fries, that’s a new one. DELISH.

Food aversions: None really.

Symptoms: I’m showing! People now ask me how far along I am. I really want to mess with them and just be like, “on what?” I get dizzy if I stand up too quickly. And I was so tired of being on my feet yesterday after a museum tour and running errands. I wanted to lie down. Oh, and I’m super forgetful.

Movement: I felt the baby move for the first time!! My masseuse said at my size it is fine to be on my stomach still, that I won’t crush the baby – and I could feel it squirming around in there! Now it is much easier to feel. So weird.

“Six inches long this week and about eight ounces in weight, your baby is the size of a large mango. Your little action figure is able to choreograph Matrix-like moves this week. Arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles, and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone. All these upgrades combine to give your baby more control over limb movements, which explains all that kicking, stretching, and bodysurfing (belly surfing!) you’ve possibly started feeling by now. Something else going on this week: your baby is getting a cheesy varnish. A protective substance called vernix caseosa now covers your baby’s skin. It’s greasy and white and is made up of lanugo (downy hair), oil from your baby’s glands, and dead skin cells. This vernix protects your baby’s sensitive skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Without it, your baby would look very wrinkled at birth (sort of what you’d look like if you soaked in a bath for nine months). Some babies – especially those born early – will still be covered with vernix at the delivery, so you might get a look at your baby’s first anti-wrinkle cream.” – What to Expect (

Sex: I had a dream that it was a boy, so who knows at this point. We will all find out on Saturday!!

What I’m Looking Forward To: I have a couple of dinners this week, but really looking forward to the anatomy scan on Wednesday! We haven’t had an ultrasound since 7 weeks, and it looked like nothing at that point, just a little blob. Can’t wait to see the baby!

What I Miss: Not being tired so early. I really think I can hang, but then 10:30, 11, rolls around and I’m like omg when do I get to go to sleep. Last night I was up til 11:30, super late for me these days.

Next Appointment: Anatomy scan on June 20th. Just a few more days!

Estimated due date is November 11th, 2013!

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Ari @ The Pace of it All June 18, 2013 at 11:43 am

Such a cute little bump you have! And yay to you finding out if it’s a girl or boy soon! How fun! Btw, I think Old Navy sometimes has maternity clothes. Not sure if they’re cute or not…


Christa June 18, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Aw, thanks Ari! I’m so excited to find out what we’re having. Thanks for the Old Navy tip! I will check it out.


Crystal@TheFastFitRunner June 18, 2013 at 2:07 pm

I think all insurance is required to offer a free breast pump now, just fyi. You can usually google the type of insurance you have with “breast pump” and get plenty of info, without even having to call your company!

The advice Ryan has gotten from most of his player’s wives was this: get the best one, do NOT cheap out. So, we are going to buy the most expensive one, and then get a secondary one from insurance for free!


Christa June 18, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Yep, under PPACA they have to cover rentals or purchases. Pretty sweet. It depends on the insurance though. I am hoping mine covers purchases.

I have heard the same thing!


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