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Oceanside in a nutshell.

by Christa on April 21, 2013

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Race recap coming soon. But first, the trip!  I was NOT excited for this race (the bike is my weakest leg and I heard this was a doozy – it wasn’t a lie) but I was very excited about a fun trip with my TNT besties!

We rolled into San Diego on Thursday morning (after a drooly nap on the flight wherein I awoke to the flight attendant moving my seat to its upright position FOR me) and caught a shuttle 30 miles north to Oceanside for Ironman California 70.3. Not long after arriving to our luxurious digs at the Courtyard Marriott on the edge of town, we headed to the Pacific for a practice swim. I was a little nervous about the water temp (anticipated mid 50s) but it wasn’t so bad.

Me and Shea – before pic!

Kyle and I were ready to bring the pain to any sharks that dared to get in our way:

Hardcore, amirite?

After what was essentially diving under waves and splashing around like jackasses for 20 minutes, here’s the girls’ after pic – Me, Shea, Jess, and Jordann:

After cleaning up, time for dinner.  We headed to the Oceanside street fair to see what was happenin’…I bought some homemade dog treats for the boys (and Kyle, who ate one later) and a falafel wrap that I ate on the way to dinner.  You read that right. HANGRY.

Shea found a great place on Yelp! called the Flying Pig.  I had just enough time to digest the falafel and get hungry again after the .7 mile walk ;)  We got salads, split the mac & cheese, and the apple pear crumb for dessert.  The food was awesome and I would highly recommend should you ever find yourself in Oceanside.  For the record, Oceanside is kind of a dump with the exception of a few pockets.

Shea, Jess, and me at Flying Pig:

After our experience of 2 $40 cab rides just to get in and out of places with restaurants, we made the executive decision to rent a car the next morning, which we did not regret!  Jordann, Shea, and I (Jess did not deign to roll out of bed that early, haha) went for an easy 4 mile run (damn, uphill both ways) bright and early in the am.  Then we drove south to La Jolla for brunch at The Cottage, a place that had been recommended to me when I went for San Diego Marathon in 2011 and have had a hankering for ever since that brunch!

The Fearsome Foursome, aka the “Rulebreakers and Troublemakers” – we have issues with authority, what can I say?

Also, some lady got her finger in the way.  It’s an iPhone in 2013, people.

Then we headed to pick up our bikes that had been shipped and get our packets.  We were originally supposed to ride our bikes the 6 miles to the start on race day but after renting a car and double-checking with Tri Bike Transport that we could leave them overnight onsite, yeah we weren’t doing that.

Jeremy, my bright blue boyfriend, racked and ready to be ridden to T1:

Oceanside 70.3 is unique in that there are two separate transition areas.  So Jeremy and the other gals’ bikes were racked in T2 and we had to ride them 1.5 miles to T1 on race morning.

I wish I had some photos of inspiration dinner, but alas I do not.  At least this time it was in a restaurant with fantastic food and not served at the hotel.  My friend and teammate Tim gave a wonderful mission moment about how Team in Training saved his life in more ways than one.  Very touching.

We laid out all our stuff the night before and it was to bed early for our 4am wakeup time.  Joy!  Next up – race recap and post race dramz.  But I’ll leave you with some of our favorite quotes from the weekend!

“If by “ocean” you mean “ghetto” and by “side” you mean “craphole”…”

“I’d rather stay at the Ram-a-duh.”  ”Jessica, do you mean the Ramada? ” “Clearly you’ve never stayed at a Ramada.”  ”It’s not pronounced like Ramadan.”

“Don’t you look at me wrong.  I’ll kill your whole family.”


“I can hear you all the way from the bathroom.”

“We are lying in bed in our towels.”  ”To clarify, we are in separate beds.”

“What time are we going to dinner? I’m fungry.”  - fungry is one of my new fav words, thank you Shea.

Truly a fantastic girls’ trip!!  Laughter is the best medicine. Ok, we had boy teammates too but really it was all about the LADIES!  Rulebreakers 4E.

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Crystal@TheFastFitRunner April 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm

You guys are crazy. Do you want to me my team captain/mascot/personal cheerleader this fall?? =)


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