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Weekend recap – running, freezing, birthdaying, race cancelling.

by Christa on March 11, 2013

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I know I haven’t been updating much – I know.  But I’ve been busy at work and I want to be able to have time to actually sit and blog instead of just slapping down some choppy sentences.  I know my New Year resolution was to spend more time at home, but it’s turning out that time spent at home is spent doing other things.  Going through old boxes, cleaning out our middle room downstairs (aka storage room), or sometimes just hanging out on the couch and zoning out.

Which is exactly what I did Friday night.  I got the Whole Foods salad bar, which is one of my favorite things to do because hello the food is delicious and it’s not too costly if you get the things that don’t weigh so much.  Hah.  I got For a Good Time Call from Redbox and it was adorably hilarious.  I love Ari Graynor – she cracks me up.  Adored her in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and she didn’t disappoint in this flick either.  It’s pretty raunchy, obviously, but funny and a very cute story in the end.  Recommend.  Oh, I also ate a whole bowl of buttery popcorn while viewing – and waiting for Shane to return from Philadelphia.

It was early rising as always on Saturday to coach TNT San Diego team.  Pretty muggy 65 degrees out but most of the team got in around 5 miles – it’s still the beginning of the season…can you believe at the end of this they’ll be running either 13.1 or 26.2?!  Still awesome.  After practice Jess and I decided to (wet)suit up and go for a swim in 288 Lake.  Um, BRRR.  60 degrees is freezing.  It was shockingly cold to put our faces in and start gliding away.  We only made it about 1200 yards, but that was enough.  Today the water at Oceanside was coming in between 55 and 57 degrees, so I’m glad we at least got SOME practice.

I was pretty tired the rest of the day…decided on weekly laundry (a day early!!) and more couch time.  But we ventured out to Cottonwood for Lindsey’s birthday – really liked that place!  I think Sarah and I are planning our joint birthday party there now.  It’s a huge open patio with some fire pits and cool lamps.  Decent food, good beer and cocktail list, great atmosphere.  Great celebration for her 25th birthday!  Young ‘un! ;)

Shane was cracking me up all night – making jokes and being silly.  Lindsey secretly snapped this candid of us and I love it.  Kyle, Marisa, and Shea and everyone else not in the frame were oblivious to our small jokes.  Thanks for capturing this, Linds!

We left the party early due to a pending race the next morning.  The swim had already been cancelled thanks to 49 degree water temps (YIKES), but we were still scheduled for a 1.5 mile run/25 mile bike/10K run.  Woke up at 4:30 (felt like 3:30, love Daylight Savings Time), got ready, picked Jess up at 5:30.  We made it almost to Fulshear 35 miles away, it was raining the whole time, we KNEW it was going to be cancelled, so we turned around.  My only regret is even getting out of bed.

After my Sunday nap, we spent some time watching Vegucated – really interesting documentary following 3 people who switch to a vegan diet for 6 weeks.  Shane said that if he weren’t already a vegetarian, the film would have definitely made him think about changing his eating habits.  I just don’t understand why people who truly know the facts would choose to continue eating meat.  The only thing I come up with is that they hate animals and *heart* heart disease and cancer.  Too much?  Meat does repulse me these days.  People ask if I miss it and the answer is never.  Now, I don’t have much room to talk on eggs and dairy so sometimes I feel guilty and like I’m half-assing it.  But really, I gave veganism a shot before and let me just say that nobody wants to be the asshole that can’t eat anything anywhere; that part is already hard enough.  I eat like a kindergartner at work lunches because the only thing III Forks serves that isn’t meat is veggie ravioli and the only thing Morton’s serves that isn’t meat is a grilled cheese sandwich. A strict vegan diet does not comfortably fit into my world.  BUT with that being said, I would like to switch to a MORE vegan diet, especially at home.  Shane surprised me by bringing home Earth Balance (vegan) instead of butter or margarine from the store today.  Soy milk?  No big deal.  The hardest part for me would be cheese.  Damn I love some cheese.  But the truth is we both need to make even smarter decisions about what we put in our bodies.

PLUS (ranting now) did you know if the entire world ate at the consumption level of Americans we would need 4 or 5 more planets to support everyone?  Fucking NASTY.  Livestock contributes more to global warming than the entire transportation industry.  Switching to a vegetarian diet lowers your carbon footprint way more than switching to a hybrid car.  JUST SAYIN.

Anyway….. after that vegucational piece (see what I did there?), we checked out House of Cards – Netflix show starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  VERY interesting, lots of plot even in the first episode.  I might be hooked (just what I need).

Today was a little more active – after work went on a 4.5 mile run with Shea.  The weather was GORGEOUS and I love White Oak Bayou Trail even if the drainage sometimes stinks it up.  More action tomorrow too…Define Body in the morning and swimming in the pm.  Gotta stay in super shape – Oceanside 70.3 is in 19 days!!

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