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The wonder that is Athlinks.

by Christa on March 14, 2013

in Daily Digest,Just for Fun

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this nifty little tool for awhile, and think some of you will really enjoy it!
Have you heard of Athlinks?  It’s super fun, and extremely useful for all of your time-stalking needs.
To search for yourself, you simply type in your name and it pulls up all of your past race results.  You can ‘claim’ your results and add them to your profile.
Since I have already created an account for myself and claimed all of my results, they all show up under my profile.
If you click on the specific race, it will show you the results, your splits, and where you fell in your age group on a chart.  Neat!
Now you can add your friends AND your rivals!  Your friends will receive notification that you have added them and they can add you back.
You can filter your rivals by your age group, the type of race (ie road race or triathlon), and how many races the two of you have done head-to-head.  A lot of my friends came up as rivals because we all do the same races!  Jess is apparently my #1 rival since we do um ALL THE RACES together, but I have always lost to her. But WAIT, what about that time she was pacing me at Galveston Marathon and my time was incidentally one second faster?  Easy…since she wasn’t truly racing it, she just didn’t claim it as a result.
But if I go back and click on my results, there it is.
Simple to choose what you do and don’t want to put on your profile.  I just select all of my results, even though the ones where I’m not actually racing drags down my average time.  Oh well.
It will then show you how many wins and losses you have against your potential rivals.  Then you select them and can move them around to choose your top 6 rivals.  Fun, huh?
If you like to stalk your own times (oh, ok…and others’ times), it’s a great tool to have on hand!

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