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Race Recap: Sugar & Spice Half Marathon

by Christa on March 1, 2013

in Race Recaps

I signed up for Sugar & Spice Half Marathon on a whim.  It was the first year of the race (so now I’m a “Charter Member”) and I wasn’t too psyched about the 6:30 start time, especially since I had to be at the race by 5:30am to pick up my packet.  The race was in Clear Lake, about 45 minutes away, so I needed to leave my house by 4:45!!  I allowed myself only 15 minutes to get ready after laying my stuff out the night before, since I wanted the extra sleep.  Went to bed at 10pm to ensure maximum slumber – 6.5 hours, standard.
It was a small race, capped at 500 runners.  Another reason I signed up was because it was so cheap.  I was originally supposed to go to Austin and run the half there with some friends, but when Shane couldn’t go I waffled.  Then I saw Sugar & Spice was $65, and Austin was $115.  What to do?! Easy.
Packet pickup was a breeze and since it was pretty cold out I spent the next half hour in my car keeping warm.  Going to races by yourself is pretty boring!  I am used to having friends before the start and keeping each other entertained. This time I just warmed up and went to the start line.
Started off pretty solid around 8:40 pace.  I didn’t bring my handheld so walked the water stops. I won’t make that mistake again at Woodlands this weekend.
At mile 3 I noticed the course was running significantly long.  At mile 6, my watch said I was almost at mile 7!  I asked another runner if she had the same thing – surely I can’t suck at tangents that badly – and she did.  Oy.
I wanted to make sure I would still go under 2 hours!!  I crossed 13.1 at 1:54 and change and started high-tailing it to the finish.  Clock said 1:59 when I crossed but that has since changed to 2:01 – urrrrrghhhhhhh.  What.the.hell, S&S.  The race director was extremely apologetic and said the times would be listed as a 13.9 mile race instead of 13.1 (but it’s still listed as half as of now).   Watch says 13.82, 8:47/mile.
I managed to place 3rd in age group, though.  Score.
All in all, besides the distance mishap, it was a good race and I’d do it again.  Or Angie’s Half Crazy – same race director.  Pretty flat, not too hot (AHC is probably hotter since it’s in April).  Plus, I have to say that having Nothing Bundt Cakes as a sponsor was a genius idea!  Loved having a chocolate mini bundt cake after the finish line.
Woodlands Half is next.  Shooting as close to 1:50 as I can get – hoping for 1:52ish.

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Ally March 1, 2013 at 10:41 pm

After hearing about this happening on more than one occasion, I have to ask myself are these races sanctioned? Seriously, wtf?! In these days of GPS and online mapping, I find it completely tilt irresponsible for race directors have such gross errors in race distances!


Christa March 14, 2013 at 1:39 pm

I know, the race director (Angie) was very apologetic. This was a sanctioned race, however End of the World (2 miles too long for the full) was not – that was just a bunch of wackos (me included) running around in the woods.


Whitney March 13, 2013 at 8:07 pm

I wish I would have known you were coming up my way! I would have loved to meet up!


Christa March 14, 2013 at 1:39 pm

aw, that would have been fun!!!


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