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Race Recap: Galveston Marathon 2013

by Christa on February 11, 2013

in Race Recaps

This race was very special to me.  Not just because I was hoping to PR (set a personal record), but also because it was going to be a fun weekend running with friends.  Marisa was running the half, and Julie and Jessica were each running half of the full marathon with me, to help get me to that PR.

We drove down late afternoon, after a warmup run for the [very soon] upcoming San Diego marathon season, and a short bike ride.  Immediate dinner was needed!  We had already decided on Mosquito Cafe in the historic Strand.  Since it was Galveston Restaurant Week, we got 3 courses and a glass of vino for $25 – um, I’m in!  Dinner salad, mac & cheese with broccoli, chocolate cake, cab sauv – heaven.  Especially when followed up with a viewing of Pitch Perfect and a serving of buttery popcorn.

Wakeup time at 5:45, oy.  We got ready and headed to the start line.  Pre-race pic!

I really liked this race because it was smaller (about 1500 people), but I’ll say that it did get lonely out there on the second loop – but not too lonely for me since I had my awesome pacers!

The first loop went as planned.  I did not want to push the pace and burn out, so I kept it right at 9:05/mile.  Crossed the line at exactly 2 hours.  That’s when things started going downhill for me though.  I was taking in enough salt, but it was still so hot out  - in the 70s.  Too hot for a marathon!  I was sweating like a pig and my feet were super swollen – blister city.

I think Jess was less than impressed with my efforts on the second loop!  I was just overheating so badly – I HATE the heat, ugh.  My second loop was terrible – 2:18.  It’s always around mile 19 that it starts to hit me yet again how f’ing LONG a marathon is.  And that’s still with 7 miles to go.  Oy.

Still, I ran to a new PR of 4:18.  I really wanted to get as close to 4 hours as I could – and I’m confident with cooler weather it would have been better – I really felt like I did my best.  Marathons are no joke, yo. Thanks to Julie and Jess for putting up with my whining on the course!

And imagine my surprise to find out I placed second in my age group!  Silly…

So now I’m debating – one more marathon this season?  Cowtown?

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Crystal@TheFastFitRunner February 13, 2013 at 12:40 pm

YA! Congrats again!


Beard February 17, 2013 at 9:58 pm

Nice job on the ‘thon PR!

Heat is a beast, your time would have dropped 15+ minutes on a cooler day, seriously. Seems funny talking about a hot race this time of year, low temp will dip to 5 this week in Des Moines. Ran in shorts yesterday and 40 degrees, frozen balls tomorrow with a north clip moving in.



terra February 18, 2013 at 11:33 am

Congrats on your PR, lady!


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