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by Christa on February 6, 2013

in Just Nothing

I guess my last post requires some clarification.  I got more comments and questions about it than I have in the past few months combined!  People asked if I was ok, if I wanted to go for a run or on a bike ride (duh). Hell, Marisa baked me some cookies!  Score. I really do have the best friends.

I’m ok.  I’m just super stressed out right now.  It seems like some things, no matter how hard you work, don’t get easier.  Or better. Frustrating, right?

And I never meant for the post to be about what it ended up being about – maybe I had an epiphany of what I need more of right now.  To be honest, I probably have post-Galveston Marathon blues.  I had built it up and was set to PR, and now I have no other goals.  Boo.  Oceanside is at the end of March but it’s going to be a tough race, so I’m not expecting to do really well.  California weather may lend me a good run, but the bike will be hilly and slower.  Been toying with the idea of Cowtown Marathon on the 24th just to see what I can do, but we’ll see.

Just down in the dumps is all.  Let me wallow.  It’s my pity party and I’ll cry if I want to.  And all that jazz…

Galveston Recap coming next.

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