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New year.

by Christa on January 7, 2013

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It’s funny how new years give us a clean slate. By December I’ll have forgotten all about the goals I set…maybe. But for now let me have this. I’ve got some ideas.  One word concepts – longish descriptions.


2013 is The Year of No.  I will not overcommit.  I will stop stressing about making it to every.single.thing.  I will take time to reflect and will live in the present instead of rushing so much that I can’t even remember what the hell I did this year if the date wasn’t circled on my calendar (like, my year recap should NOT be a series of events…just sayin).


It’s important to me to push myself this year.  I’ll make time to really expand my fitness; instead of cramming in junk miles, I’ll focus on getting in decent training (shouldn’t be hard if I’m saying no more!), and cross-training.  More spin, and especially more swim and yoga.  YOGA.  Snoozefest.  But I need to stretch.  More Define Body too.  Part of my 2013 goal to GET RIPPED.  Listen, I know all bodies are beautiful and blah blah blah, but I want my body to be so awesome that girls automatically call me a bitch in their heads.  I don’t care if that sounds vain.  When I’m fit, I’m happy.  Super fit = super happy.  Plus strength and cross training will make me FASTER, and that’s the name of the game.  Speed impresses me.


The Year of No means spending more time at home.  More cooking meals together, more quality time, hopefully more trips..  Walks with the dogs, clearing out ‘the nest’ (see next section), anything.  No matter what Shane and I do together, it will mean more memories.  I’ll spend more time with my parents, sister, in-laws, grandparents, and close friends.  Not going to things just because I think I should means making more time for the people who really matter to me.


We’ve scheduled an hour each weekend to go through one particular section of the house.  I am not kidding when I tell you we had boxes from the move from North Carolina (December 2010) that HAD NOT BEEN OPENED.  Funny part?  I found a pamphlet for TNT from January 2010.  Getting rid of the clutter.  You’ll remember my friend Ashley wrote a post about minimalism last month.  These things we have are burdensome and we are doing away with them.  Yard sale (to benefit LLS of course), Goodwill trips, whatever.  It’s gotta go.  Anybody in the market for a china buffet?


This past year was the majority of my second year at my company.  I feel like I’ve come a long way and done a lot for them.  I got my Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certification.  This year I’d like to take on more responsibility, attend more conferences on benefits and compensation, and start working toward my Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) certification.  It’s a LOT of work, so hopefully I’ll make some headway this year.  I’m also hoping my hard work will be recognized in some form or fashion.  We shall see.

A few other pet projects (like a monthly Pinterest challenge, haha), but that’s the jist of my new year’s resolutions.

What are yours?

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katelin January 9, 2013 at 2:49 pm

love the idea of cooking together more. that is definitely one of my goals as well.


terra January 10, 2013 at 8:34 am

We had boxes sitting on the floor in our dining room for over a year after we moved in. It’s ridiculous. I love that you guys have already set time to go through stuff for one hour each week and I might have to adopt that plan myself…clutter has a way of collecting itself in all the cabinets and closets of my house.


Crystal@TheFastFitRunner January 10, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Good luck not overcommitting! =)


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