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Weekend Recap – long run, pub crawl, Napa reunion, bike ride.

by Christa on December 5, 2012

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I know, I know.  It’s Wednesday night.  The weekend was half a week ago.  Well, what can I say?  I’m lazy.

Kicked it off with a 15 mile run on Saturday morning, easy pace with the TEAM.  Sub 4, here I come!

No time for a nap.  But plenty of time for a breakfast burrito and TV before picking Marisa up to go to Jessica and Jordann’s 12 Drinks of Christmas pub crawl – benefiting LLS, of course.

Sherry, Marisa, Amy D, Sarah, Jess, me.

Marisa and I left early so we could get home and shop for the Napa reunion.  Great seeing these ladies.  SIX WHOLE WEEKS since we had all been together.  Not ok.  Good time reminiscing and um, watching YouTube, duh.

Sunday morning was a 40-mile bike ride in The Woodlands. We had a shaky start.  First of all, yours truly forgot her HELMET on a bike ride.  Luckily Marisa’s coworker lived 4 miles away and let me borrow a way-too-big-for-me helmet.  I had to wrap a bandana around my head to make it fit securely.  Marisa’s mom had a bad tire and Amanda saved the day with a tube change.  We did a 20-mile out and back on roads I hadn’t ridden since May 19th.  Have I mentioned I love The Woodlands?

After Marisa flatted (told you it was a bad day for biking), we eventually ended up at Black Walnut.  I skedaddled to make my HMH tour. Too tired to go to the grocery, so I made a “southwestern frittata” – it wasn’t so good but it filled us up, right?

Back to the drawing board…

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