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Little of this, little of that.

by Christa on December 10, 2012

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Can’t really call this one a weekend recap since it’s gonna go back further!

On Thursday last week, Marisa and I ran the Red Dress Run benefiting American Cancer Society.  An easy 3.5-4ish mile informal jaunt.  I didn’t really have time to find a dress, so I stopped at the Ross by my house on the way home from work.  It has deliciously hideous black bows on the shoulders. $12 well spent. I am rocking a size large (you can imagine my confusion when I picked up the small, and yes, these are grown ass women’s sizes).

We polished the night off with sponsor BRC’s half price appetizers.  BRC is a little heavy on the meat, so we indulged in pimento cheese with crackers and mac ‘n cheese.  Verdict?  I could never be a vegan.

Mmm, sweaty pits FTW.

On Friday I had the dreaded PHR exam.  If you want to know what taking the 3 hour test was like, well, it was a little like this.

No matter – I passed!!  That’s right – Professional of Human Resources.  Whew.  Letters after the name is clutch.

Celebrated a little too hard at happy hour and my buddy Alex’s birthday.  Did not make for a very fun morning at practice, but 7 miles I must run with the team.

That night we enjoyed my company’s holiday party.  Thanks for the awesome photos, Dean!

Casino night, photobooth, delicious food – plus I danced the night away with the coworkers!  Made it to bed by 12:30 – which was a good thing since I had to run the 30K (18.6 miles) in the morning.  Dunno if I’ll do a race report on this one.  It was still really hot here in Houston (hit 80).  Why couldn’t the race have been today, when the high was in the 50s?  Oy.

Jess and I left at 5:30am to make it to the start in Sugar Land.  I was tired the whole time, and for some reason I felt like the concrete was especially hard.  My joints don’t usually hurt, but my right knee and ankle were on fire for this one.  Gotta break in the new shoes.  But it was flat for the most part.  I finished in just under 3 hours for an average 9:35 pace – about 20 seconds slower per mile than I need.  Oh well.  Ready for my close-up at mile 12!

I just missed the top 10, placing 11th out of 43 in my age division. A “very popular Jessica” (we were all yelling for her) took 3rd place – podium!

Post-race.  Ready for food and sleep.

Spent the rest of the day with a 3-hour nap, going to the Galleria with Shane to do some browsing, and decorating the house for Hanukkah.  This is as good as it’s gonna get.

Also discovered I am hopeless if tasked with lighting Hanukkah candles.  Wasted a candle and 7 matches tonight.  Another oops.  At least I bring a sense of humor to the table?

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terra December 17, 2012 at 11:51 am

I could never go vegan either. Meat I can live without, but cheese? No. I can’t live without cheese.


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