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by Christa on November 15, 2012

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Napa was one hot mess, so I’ll be interspersing this post with quotes, inside jokes, and the like.

On the way up to our sweet casa in downtown Napa, the 8 of us stopped at Starbucks (found one on Google Maps and made an immediate exit, natch) and got to discuss our newfound love, Breaking Amish.  ”What’s beastiology?”

Since the house wasn’t ready by the time we rolled into Napa, we headed to Madonna Estate Winery.  ”Madonna has a house here?”  That was a quick stop!  Photo ops:

Margarita, Laura, Amy D, Aimee, Marisa, Rachel, Julie, me.

Then we went to the grocery store, stocked up on (what else?) cheese, crackers, and other snacks, before dumping it at the house and heading out for more tasting/drinking.

2nd stop was Trefethen.  Shane and I had been here last year at the same time and I knew it’d be a good one!  We enjoyed a tasting at the large table in their main room.

Afterward we tasted some DIY grappa – aka nommed on grapes in the vineyard:

Third stop was fantastic – Domaine Chandon!  Sparklin’ vino up the hizzy.  ”The wine club is free not.”

Lots of wine was purchased there, they gained club members, and we enjoyed the tastings.  ”There’s no bubbles in this!” *toss*

Last tasting of the day at Jessup Cellars, where we met up with Audree and Dearheart.  Happy bday, Coach Audree!  Yes, Aimee is on both sides of this picture.  She’s ubiquitous like that.

Marisa had once again selected some excellent food choices.  We dinner dined at Mustard’s Grill, where I had the BEST veggie burger of m’life, made with spinach and mushrooms.  SO GOOD.  Not joking.  I know I said it was the best pad see ew with tofu ever, and now I’m saying it’s the best veggie burger ever, but it’s true.

We stopped at Dean & Deluca while waiting to go get our dessert, but I was only interested in getting more wine down the hatch.  Rachel and I drink wine and wander through the vineyard:

I am not good at waiting for dessert.  This was when “CCG” (Cranky Christa Ginsburg) began to come out.  We went to Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen for dessert, and the Campfire Pie and brownie were GET IN MY MOUTH delish, but the wine had done me in.  We were all to bed pretty early that night!

Rachel and Laura had to leave us in the morning, so after a quick breakfast at Gillwood’s, we dropped them at the bus station :( before continuing our trek through grape.

Back north – Luna Vineyards – in the tasting room!

Clos du Val – picnic in the garden. “Um, did you mean THIS bottle?”

Next, best stop ever – V. Sattui.  LOTS of tastings, cycling jerseys, phone booths, salami (not me), and gamay rouge.  ”I ordered a bottle of Gamay Rouge?” “Yeah, we got a case.  So you ordered two.” “Well that does sound like something I would do.”

Plus the biggest bottle of wine you’ve ever seen.

I’m at a pay phone.

Tried to go to Cakebread Cellars but since they were exceedingly rude, we deemed not to give them our business and opted for Peju instead – a fabulous decision.  Jeff gave us many wine tastings and offered his recommendations for every occasion.  He even let us behind the bar!

“What’s your favorite flavor of pie?”

We ended the night with pizza and apps at Azurro down the street.  Then there was an old guy, a house tour, a Halloween store, “cheetos,” more wine… “Wait, she said what? Where was I?”  ”Oh, yeah.  You were INSIDE a bottle of wine.”

“Well what did you buy at the winery?”  ”A case of wine, a baby bib, 2 magnets, and a catwoman costume.”

Needless to say, the next morning came early.  Especially when you stay up too late talking.  But we had places to be, people.  Like the Jelly Belly Factory.  We took the tour and also came up with many flavor suggestions that you’ll probably find in stores soon.

Amy D and I drove Julie to the airport since she had an early flight, before dropping off the rental car.  Margarita and Marisa were off to San Diego so we all had tearful (not really) goodbyes.  But at least Aimee, Amy, and I got to sit next to each other on the long flight back and reminisce about the MOST AMAZING GIRLS’ TRIP EVER.  I will never forget it.  I think my abs still hurt from laughing so hard.

Love you ladies.

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