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Race Recap: Oilman 2012

by Christa on November 20, 2012

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This one’s been a long time comin’ since the race was ohhhh over 2 weeks ago!  I decided to do Oilman again instead of running the NYC Marathon…which, um, turned out to be an excellent decision.  NYC next year, swearsies.

Oilman Texas was my FIRST 70.3 (half iron) last year and this year it was my third (did Galveston in April).  Spoiler alert: PRs all around!  Well at least over here.

The family came in town to spectate.  I love, love, love the bike course.  It is the north section of the Ironman Texas bike course so I know it like the back of my hand.  Rolling hills, state forest, little town, Grimes County hick treatment – love it all.

I was freaking out a bit on Saturday night.  Don’t tell my coaches but I hadn’t swam since Houston Aqua-Run in late September.  OOOOOPS.   Well, anyway, even though it was the end of daylight savings time and we got an extra hour, I wanted to make sure I got a lot of sleep.  Jess’ parents had rented a cabin right by the start and it turned out they had extra room, so I drove up there late Saturday night to maximize sleepy time (it is almost an hour from my house to the start in Montgomery).  Thanks, Jess!  We woke up early and got all of our gear together to set up in transition.

Photo ops, natch.  I somehow manage to NOT look hard while in a wetsuit.  Dang.  This was right before we went for our warm-up swim. 

I was worried about the weather since it had been chilly (50s, hell no) the previous week but we lucked out – except it actually got too HOT.

More reasons to love Oilman:  first, it is NOT an Ironman branded event, which means it is cheap.  I paid $150 and it’s even cheaper if you register earlier.  That might sound like a lot but keep in mind IM branded 70.3 events run about $300, sometimes more.   Secondly, it’s a smaller race.  So instead of starting with 150 athletes in my age group (a la Galveston, which IS an IM event), I started with about 50.  Also, my group (F 25-29) is for some reason usually the LAST wave at triathlons.  At Oilman we are FIRST.  Love that.

Swim – 47:28

What can I say really?  TOLD yall I hadn’t swam in a month.  This is fairly comparable to other 70.3s for me though, so whatever.  Actually I think the swim last year was 49 minutes, so there’s that.  Woohoo!  The swim was a running start this year, which I’ve never done before.  We usually get in and tread water before starting, but this time we just ran in and started swimming.  Don’t they know I use the tread time to pee, along with everyone else?  Sheesh. 

Running out of the water and the quarter mile back to transition….Dad gets the photo credit.

T1 – 4:05

That’s a pretty fast transition time, people.  Considering the long run back AND that I put sunscreen on (gotta stay pale).

Bike – 3:25:30

Clippin’ in.  Yes, I am number 17.  Jess and I joked that we had “pro numbers,” since the professionals always have the low digits.  It’s obviously because of my stellar performance last year!

Best time for a 56 mile race so far!  I think that beats my Gavleston time by 2 minutes, and there are zero hills on that course.  I think I would like my next one to be under 3:20 – that’s a reasonable goal, in my opinion.  Like I said, love this bike course.  Heading out is pretty shady, but once you hit Richards (little town we like to stop in on training rides) and finish the out and back, there’s very little coverage.  Some clouds that day but the second half started to get really really HOT.  I could feel the salt on my legs and once again cursed myself for not bringing salt tabs (I more than made up for it on the run).  Some of my guy friends passed me, and I caught up to Joanna (knew she would have a stellar swim) – her first half iron, yeah!!!  Parents and Shane once again did an excellent job stalking me, and this time without a GPS tracker.

See how bright the sun was?  Eesh.

I was very ready to get off the bike.  Too too hot.  I definitely was not feeling so great by the end. 

T2 – 2:04

Yes, yes, I am very speedy about changing shoes and such.  Shane asked how I was doing and I told him I felt like shit.  Needed salt big time.

Run – 2:37:46

This was the only time that truly disappointed me.  C’mon, I should be able to go under 2:30.  I wasn’t wearing a watch the entire race though.  Not on purpose this time, couldn’t find the one I usually use to time the whole race and my Garmin was dead of course.  Did a lot of walking, but took a LOT of salt.

Yeah, I look happy to be running.

The run is a 3-loop course of 4.3 (ish) miles.  I do like loop courses, so that works out.  When I was headed for my last 3 miles, I saw Jess (already done, duh) and she said, “You can totally PR!”  I asked how much time had gone by and she said 6:20.  So I knew I would come in under 7 hours, woohoo!  Can I also say that Jess is super fast?  She crashed on the bike and still managed a better bike split than me AND held a 7:58 pace for the half marathon.  Oy.  Amanda is very speedy too, coming in just a minute behind her.  Pretty sure they are #rivalsforlife now.  ;)

Just after crossing the finish.

Final time – 6:56:54.  I’ll take it (not that I have a choice).

The fun girls of SBS (Sports Bra Slingshot):

Me, Amanda, Jess, Natalie, Muffy

I don’t think I’ll be doing Oilman again next year (reallyyyy need to get to NYC Marathon!), so this was a good way to say so long for awhile.  Had a great time with all of my friends, and of course big thanks to the parents for coming out!

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