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Belated Thanksgiving post.

by Christa on November 29, 2012

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This post keeps deleting itself.  Grrrrr.  We’ll see if it works this time!

For Tofurkey Day, we drove up to Dallas to spend it at my parents’ house.  We drove in Wednesday after work and got in LATE. Not much sleep before the 45th Annual Turkey Trot!  Cap’n Dad and I woke up early to get downtown.  The Dallas Turkey Trot is unique in that you can choose between the 5K or the 8 mile run.  Why 8 miles?  WELL, back in 1968 when “The Trot” started in Fair Park, runners were told to run along White Rock Lake to “the big oak tree and back.”  Now that the event has moved downtown, they kept the distance for tradition.

Was somehow able to find Jess, even though neither of us had our phones!  We met by the giant inflatable turkey – we like to be conspicuous.  Why didn’t we get a pic?!  Sigh…

We pushed our way into the corral and like a good sheep I got into the 8:30-9:00 section.  That was stupid, I should have gone to the FRONT since I was dodging walkers and people who were well, NOT running that pace – for the first mile.  UGH.  People, come on.  Dad stayed with me for the first 2 miles, right before we hit the 5K split.

Dad chose to run the 5K and PR’ed!  He ran 28:41 and placed 13th out of 83 in his division – not too shabby for someone who trains, um, NEVER.  Look at his long locks blowing in the breeze!

Does that watermark say “do not copy”?  Oops.  Seriously though, the races should just pay the photographers and add it into our entry fee.  I’d much rather have pics than a cheapo t-shirt or plastic medal anyway.

I kept on for the 8 miles…maybe should have even glanced at the route.  Didn’t realize we were running over 2 viaducts…it was pretty hilly.  And I wish I had packed my shorts, because it also got warm.  But I had my music in and was cruising along.  My one complaint would be that there weren’t enough water stops.  Every 2 miles is not enough, at least not for Sweaty McSweaterson over here.

I finished in 1:11, for an average pace of 8:45/mile.  Boom!  Was satisfied with my time.  Not bad for a Thanksgiving morning!

After we refueled with Starbucks, we went back to the house and got cleaned up to wait on our guests – Shane’s parents, my grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousin –  the like.

Asked Dad to snap a few pics while we were waiting.  Shane and I haven’t gotten real pics taken together in awhile!

The food was scrumptious!  I personally contributed a broccoli quinoa casserole.  My mom was on her feet all day cooking and entertaining!  Was glad to have some time spent with family.  Oh, and my MiL made the most amazing cream cheese brownies – seriously, I had 6 of them over the span of 2.5 days.  SO GOOD.

The next day I was able to have brunch with my adorable lifelong friend (also named Jess but not to be confused with runner Jess) – again, WHY NO PIC to differentiate??? Well here is a pic of me and DC Jess so you know.  This is seriously the most recent picture we have together which is 100% NOT OK since it was taken over 2 years ago.

Jess recently got ENGAGED and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year!!!!  I am not ashamed to tell you that I screamed – she was in my wedding party way back when too, and I am so excited to return the favor!  Major congrats to Jess and Alan!

We wrapped up brunch with coffee with Hania (another friend from high school) – for fun, here is the most recent pic of Marisa (not to be confused with Houston Marisa), Hania, and me (at Erica’s wedding, which I didn’t even get to write about!).

Ok, I think that I choose friends with the names of people I already like…Jess, Marisa, etc.  Maybe??  Anyway, it was so fantastic to see old friends again.

Shane and I also went to dinner with his parents and Aimee to celebrate my FiL’s birthday!  Stopped by Meddlesome Moth (fun bar/restaurant in the design district) with Marisa (pictured above) and J (not pictured, heh) before heading home to play board games with Steph and her new squeeze.

The next day I of course saw Breaking Dawn: Part 2 with my mom, sis, and family friends. IMHO, it was the best Twilight movie.  Not saying much, but still. It’s always a quick trip home but was great to visit.  We decided to head back to H-town on Saturday so Shane could get some studying done.

After wine with Houston Jess, I crashed way too late on Saturday night and woke up early to run with Shea.  It was not a good run for me.  We both overdressed and got too hot, tired from the long weekend, etc.  Oh well.  One of those days!  Met Houston Marisa and Jess for brunch at Benjy’s (damnit, again no photo documentation!) and then later we saw Anna Karenina, which I truly enjoyed.  It was a great film.  I’ve never read the book but now I really want to!  AND Jude Law looks a LOT like Shane in the movie – it kept creeping me out!  Jude Law had less head hair and more beard hair but even so.

Does anyone else see the resemblance??

Not just trying to brag that my husband looks like Jude Law, I swear.  ;)

Is this post long enough?  Jesus.  Alright, I’m out.  Long post for a long weekend, but now it’s back to WORK and the reg.

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terra December 8, 2012 at 4:16 pm

I can totally see the resemblance!! I don’t what it is, but it’s there!

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