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Weekend Recap – cocktails, sleeping, aquathlon (?), painting!

by Christa on October 3, 2012

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This weekend was a little nuts (aren’t they all?).  I was feeling very sleep-deprived and stressed all week after I returned from Vegas.  Work has been crazy, and I mean ca-ra-zy.  Like cry-in-the-bathroom kind of crazy.  **Everything that people don’t want to do gets dumped on my desk; meanwhile there are people who have very little or nothing to do (or they have a lot to do and just don’t do it), and I am up to my eyeballs.  HOW do people have no work ethic?  HOW are they not fired by now?  WHY do I keep getting ALL THE WORK?  It makes me think I should have slacked off my first 6 months so that very little would be expected of me now.  Sadly (or not sadly, as the case may be), that’s not how I was raised.**

**It is my right under Section VII of the National Labor Relations Act to complain about working conditions without fear of retaliation; it is a protected concerted activity.  So there.

Needless to say, things were a little tense for me last week.  Any little thing could send me over the edge.  I woke up every day annoyed at the world.  I was very glad when the weekend arrived.

On Friday I met some Junior League gals at Down House to get through some paperwork.  They are known for their specialty cocktails, so I indulged in a classic Manhattan.  I like alcoholic-old-man drinks!  Loved the drink and can’t wait to go back to try the food.  Last year Down House was involved in a wee bit of a Twitter scandal, so I got our waiter to give us the inside scoop!

Then Shane and I went to El Gran Malo for the first time with Lindsay and Ryan for Linds’ birthday.  EGM is known for their infused tequilas and street tacos!  Lindsay and I both had the Mexican Candy margarita – fruit infused and three-chile infused tequilas.  Shane had a jalapeno infused marg, and Ryan got a classic.  We all agreed that they were delicious and enjoyed the food too – the queso was fantastic!

Saturday morning, Nike practice at 6am was rained out (haaaaallelujah!) but Houston Marathon practice was going strong at 7am in the pouring rain.  GAH.  I just needed some sleep, but I hauled my butt out of bed to meet the team.  I tried to take a nap afterward but couldn’t.  Shea and I went to packet pickup in Cypress for Houston Tri the next morning.  Then I gave a quick tour at the museum.  I was so exhausted that we didn’t do anything for the rest of Saturday.  I made dinner (tomato & mozzarella “pizza” veggie burgers, green beans, rice, sweet potato fries) and went to bed.

I woke up at 4:45 to an email from the race directors – bike leg was cancelled due to water and debris on the road from the night before.  WTF.  I officially no longer cared.  1500m swim + 6 mile run – an easy workout.

Me, Shea, and Jess before the “race” – transition looks empty with only a few bikes…guess they didn’t get the memo.

And they always manage to get the sexiest pics of me exiting the water!

It looks like I am showing off my tri top – I’M ON THE TEAM, YOU GUYS! – I think I’m just pulling it down.

You know that acronym tl;dr (too long; didn’t read or too long; don’t read)?  On this race I was a little tt;dc (too tired; don’t care).  I did not do well on the swim (37:24, eesh) nor the run (9:08/mile) – and I stopped for a port-o-let break on the run.  Don’t want to make any excuses – I just plain sucked.

Happy that it’s over.

Oh well.  Now the choice is – try to PR at US Open Tri this weekend in Rockwall?  Orrrrr stay and relax in Houston?  I’d love to break my time at Kemah, but at the same time could use the rest.  The problem is of course that I will not rest.  I’ll probably do a long ride in The Woodlands if I stay in town. So, which?   WHAT SHOULD I DO??? 

After the race, we met up with some friends at Beaver’s (their slogan? “south of Hooters”….wow) for brunch.  I had the migas and they were really really good.  I didn’t even let Shane have a bite!  Sorry, Shane. 

And of course I had another fundraiser to attend!  Painting with a Twist is a chain that offers BYOB painting classes; I was lucky enough to nab one of their Painting with a Purposes classes.  Once a month they contribute 75% of the proceeds to a charity, and this month was LLS!!  Shea and I invited all of our friends and were able to raise about $800!  We painted Houston at Sunset.  It was way more difficult than it looked when I picked it out online.  Mine turned out ehhhh.  I forgot to take pics, natch – lucky for you.

Another busy week….

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andy meyer October 3, 2012 at 10:56 am

Gins -

I couldn’t tell whether or not your question was hypothetical, so here’s my answer:

It sounds like your body it’s trying to tell you something ;-P. I recommend you listen to it, take the weekend off, and sleep in as late as you can. Treat yourself to some down time. You’ll soon thank yourself for doing it.




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