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Weekend & Race Recap: Viva Bike Vegas

by Christa on September 26, 2012

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I’m still exhausted from this past weekend!

I took my 3rd and 4th days off work this year to head to Las Vegas for some fun and “fun.”  It was also our peak week for Nike Women’s Marathon training, so before my flight left on Thursday, Shea, Aimee, and I snuck out to Terry Hershey Park for a cool 21 mile run.  Hard but good.  I felt like I had a burst of energy at mile 19 so I knew that we had been running smart.  AND it was a PDR (personal distance record) for Aims!  One more long run, sister.  The marathon is 10/14!

Post run meal at Black Walnut…

I looked really awesome wearing my compression socks under my jeans at the airport.  Recovery!

Finally made it to team hotel, Bally’s – a “classic” but located very centrally on the strip, and right across from my family staying at Caesar’s (much nicer).  However, I HAVE to say that I did the $20 trick and it worked!  I sandwiched a $20 bill between my ID and credit card and asked if there were any upgrades available.  I got a much nicer room on a higher floor, with better amenities – totally worth it for 3 nights! 

Had dinner and made a few purchases at The Forum Shops with my parents before meeting up with Amanda to go to The Bank nightclub in Bellagio.  We were told Channing Tatum would be there but alas we did not see him.  At least we got free drinks.

Friday was spent doing packet pickup at Town Square, lunching with the parents, and then heading back to Bally’s for inspiration dinner.  This event would mark my Triple Crown award – meaning I have now done the 3 events that TNT offers – marathon, tri, and century ride.  Our names were announced at the dinner and our team captain Amy gave us special crowns too ;)   Here are the Triple Crowners from TX Gulf Coast chapter – Valerie, Natalie, and me!

The next morning, we woke up at 3am (yes, we woke up before most people go to bed in Vegas – I had gone to sleep at 8pm the night before!).  We had to get our bikes ready and then ride over to the start line at Town Square.  Joe and I were ready to go!

We didn’t get started until much later than anticipated – 5:45am :(   Riding down the strip the first few miles was awesome though – and it was really smooth, I was going really fast (averaging over 20mph) for the first 20 miles or so.  That’s when it started to get a little hard.  I’ve never even done hills hard enough to switch out of my big ring…we just don’t have them in Houston, even in Chappell Hill.  But oh did I learn.  I learned big time.  Mile 40 was when we had a 3+ mile descent into Hoover Dam.  I hit my fastest speed yet – 41 mph.  Wow.  That made me nervous!  I tried to brake a little but I could smell them burning out so I stopped toward the end. 

Crossing the Hoover Dam:

Do you like the Texas flag attached to my helmet?  We were all representing!

Great shot I got of the new bridge above the dam:

There was a water stop across the dam so I took a little break.  I knew getting back up that hill was going to suck.  And yes, it did.  This was by far the hardest ride I’ve ever done.  My body was thinking, “21 mile run on Thursday and 102 miles biking today?  Are we back in IM training?”  No, no we are not.  Sorry, body.

Let’s just put this ride into perspective, shall we?

IMTX – 112 miles, stopped 30 min for lunch – 8:05
Vegas – 102 miles, stopped 10 min for lunch – 10:11

TEN HOURS on that mf’ing bike.  Granted I stopped at all the water stops and even a few convenience stores to get COLD drinks and fill my bottles with ice, but still!  That’s how hard the ride was.  Horrible.

Dad wasn’t letting any cars through on the bike course near the finish line.  NONE SHALL PASS:

Finally finished.  Hi, guys!

I desperately needed a shower.  We made it back and I tried to take a nap but instead opted for caffeine – I had so much and I still looked drunk stumbling down the strip due to exhaustion.  Steph wanted to see the Treasure Island show, so we did that before she and Dad headed downtown for the light show.  I thought I could stay up and gamble but my body was having none of it.  Time for bed at 9pm.

The next morning I woke up at 6 and got to gamble at Caesar’s for a bit waiting for everyone to get ready and go to the champagne brunch at Paris Hotel.  It was delicious!  Crepes and omelettes and french toast and of course…champagne.

Booked it to Madam Tussaud’s to get a family pic with the sign.  I look out of it, but it’s a great shot.  Glad we all got to go!  We’ll have to go back when I’m not feeling like death the whole time and when Steph can stay for longer than 24 hours.  All in all, a successful trip though. :)

Didn’t get home til 11pm on Sunday – still felt super floopy.  Still do, actually.  The fasting today is not helping but tis the season – g’mar chatima tova, friends.

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terra October 11, 2012 at 5:52 am

I cannot imagine spending that much time on a bike YOU ARE A ROCK STAR.


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