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Race Recap – Tri Girl

by Christa on August 23, 2012

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Kind of silly of me to do two sprint tris two weekends in a row, but ah well.  I was excited for this one because a few of my friends were doing their first ever triathlons and it’s a smaller race (Bridgeland was nuts!).  It was out at Deussen Park by the Beltway – still no idea what lake we were swimming in.  I’d look it up but I’m too lazy – it was nice water though.  My back had been bothering me something FIERCE all weekend and I was still in pain this morning.  I don’t know what back muscles are called, but whatever they’re called, I strained one of them.  Any position I sat or stood in, it hurt.  When I shifted, it killed.  Should make the bike and run interesting.  Oh well….an early morning with friends.

Marisa was doing the duathlon and Shea was doing her first tri!  We set out for the race at 5am – UGH.

Meeting up with some friends in transition – Marisa, Stephanie, Me, Meagan

We were of course the last wave again, but Tri Girl has a VERY short swim – 275 meters.  Usually sprints are 500.  This isn’t fun if you’re a decent swimmer because there’s not enough time to separate yourself from the pack and get a head start on the bike :)

Swim – 6:40

8th out of the water (out of 31).  Such a short swim!  Not much contact in the water, clean lake, pretty smooth.  It was slippery getting out of the water, lots of moss at the bottom, so grabbed onto a volunteer’s hand when they offered! Short run to transition.

T1 – 1:02

Ranked 4th out of EVERYONE, not just my age group, in my first transition.  I feel like that deserves a brag – I am fast at putting a helmet and bike shoes on, ok? 

Bike – 37:20

My goal for this tri season has been to average at LEAST 18mph on the bike, so I was disappointed with 17.7, and that might have caught up to me in the end.  Bummer.  There were a lot of twists and turns, so that accounts for some of it, but still.  Saw Marisa on her way back in to her second run.  It was also nice to have an out-and-back bike instead of a loop because I could see the gaps between everyone in front of and behind me and try to gauge where I was placed and if I was likely to stay there.  Taking a turn on the bike:

T2 – 00:52

Helmet off, bike shoes off, run shoes on, grab my water and Sweaty Band, GO!

Run – 27:01

9:00/mile flat.  Better than Bridgeland but I would like to see an 8 in front of those numbers next time… I liked this run because it was mostly trail, easier on the joints and lots of shade!  I started pushing harder towards the end but my middle mile was easily my slowest.  My back was killing me.  I had noticed this chick in a Rice University tri outfit because we had played a little bit of leap frog on the bike – kept passing each other.  She passed me in the second mile.  At this point I was pretty sure I was in second place, so I literally LET her have it – she was being annoying on my heels so I STEPPED OVER TO THE SIDE.  WTF?  I am stupid.  I kept her in my sights and let her pace me the rest of the way in. 

Here I am passing Marisa in the finisher chute – she laughs at my misery:

Photo credit to Shea’s husband Kyle!  And right after the race – me, Marisa, and Shea.  Tri/Du girls!

Final time – 1:12:56

I was pretty confident I had placed, so we waited anxiously for results.  I have yet to be on a podium at a tri, and I knew if I was going to, this would be my race. 

4th place. FOURTH.  Little Miss Rice beat me by 13 seconds.  Awards went 5 deep, but I didn’t care.  I wanted 3rd and was being a huge brat about it:

I just know this was bad karma from making fun of a friend for getting 4th at Bridgeland – it’s just the worst position to be in.  JUST missing the podium – whyyyyyy.  But I sucked it up and was a good sport.  4 out of 45 or so ain’t bad, amirite?  A far cry from last season, I can tell you that much.  Happy with my place:

Marisa pointed out that my thumb is strategically covering “4th” – an accident, swearsies. 

My next race is Houston Olympic tri.  I don’t expect to place there or come close, but I’d like to PR, so we shall see.

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