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Race Recap: Bridgeland Triathlon + catch-up

by Christa on August 17, 2012

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Here’s what I’ve been doing lately instead of blogging:

Drinking lots of wine
Making reservations for Houston Restaurant Weeks
Hosting 2 teenage boys for Maccabi Games (all week last week)
Running (though not as much as I should be)

On to the tri.  First tri since IMTX!

This was a HUGE race.  66 gals in my age group (25-29, in case you were wondering).  I wasn’t exactly in tip-top shape since a few of us went out to Rebels TIL CLOSE on Friday night.  We didn’t mean to, we had been out celebrating Danielle’s birthday and then got peer pressured into honky tonk attendance.  We were totally gonna prove that we could go out hard the same weekend as a race…yeah, that worked out great, as you’ll see.   We were the LAST wave to go out of everyone, supposed to start at 7:45 – we finally started moving at 8:05…which means it was hot as hell.  Met up with the TNT gals beforehand.  Here’s Julie, me, and Jess before the start – purple power. 

Swim - 12:40 

Not too bad for 550m – will try to go under 12 min next time!  I wasn’t really focused and was kind of thrashing about.  I didn’t even properly look at the swim in and its location to transition and almost went the wrong way!  Rookie  mistake.  At least I am extremely attractive while running to transition… :o /

T1 – 2:18

Bike – 42:47 Averaged 18.2 mph, I’ll take it.  13 mile bike around the Bridgeland community and some other roads.  FLAT!  I liked it.  Mugging for the camera in the middle somewhere (can tell by the Gatorade level in the aero bottle, hah).

T2 – 1:59

Run – 29:24

9:29 min/mile…do not like.  For a 5K?? Should be at least 9:00 at the end of a tri.  Well since we were the last wave, it was DAMN HOT and I just couldn’t hack it.  Hauling ass to the finish – well, doesn’t this look like fun?

Total time – 1:28:37

Placed 28 out of 66 – whatever, top half.  Screw it.   We had to go pick up the teenage boys at the J so I also had to haul ass out of the race and get home!

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