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Weekend Recap – it’s TAPER TIIIIIME!

by Christa on May 7, 2012

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Say that like Pauly D from Jersey Shore – t-shirt tiiiiiime!  No?  Just me?

Here’s what we got ourselves into this weekend! 

Friday night was spent at Sherlock’s for my CapTex team’s fundraiser.  It was a $10 donation at the door and $1 drinks til 7pm….I’m actually surprised we didn’t get a bigger turnout - $1 drinks, people!  And I’m still in Oktsoberfest (now it’s Day 19) and it was like my own personal hell.  BUT we raked in around $300 for the cause, so it was an evening well spent.

Saturday I woke up at 5:30 and got ready for Bike for Mike in Fulshear (about 45 minutes west of Houston, nice flat place for riding).  It was a really nice ~70 mile ride.  Ended up riding with a couple of friends for most of the way.  My only complaint would be the headwind when traveling south (standard anywhere right now, with the wind coming off the gulf) and lack of coverage.  That’s what’s nice about the IMTX bike course – it might be 112 miles, but it has a lot of shade, especially riding through Sam Houston National Forest!  Anyway, Bike for Mike was my first sponsored ride and it was AWESOME to have rest stops – the food was awesome (especially the smoothies at the 30 mile stop!).  We stopped at mile 30 and mile 56 for refill and snack breaks.  It was pretty hot out and I was ready to call it a day.  Jess was flying with her new Gatorskins tyres and I think I’ll have to procure some for myself.  It makes it harder to get a flat, so even though it’s a heavier tyre, it would still be worth it for the time it would take me to change a flat.  I don’t want to risk that on race day.  I ran 2 miles just to shake out my legs, and then Jess and I headed over to 288 Lake for a 2 mile open water swim.  It took us 1:16, which would put us at about 1:30 for the 2.4 mile swim at IM.  That’s my goal time!

Shane had been at class all day and after he got home we went back out to Katy for a Cinco de Mayo dinner at our friends Lori and Zach’s house.  The more time I spend in the suburbs, the more I love it.  It’s nice being close to all the ‘Houstonian’ stuff – like the locally owned restaurants & bars, and being close to my friends and Memorial Park, but city living is just that.  Our backyard is pocket-sized, there’s a crackhouse on the corner (every corner, not just ours), traffic is horrendous at all times.  So moving out the ‘burbs would be a huge change and yes, it’s far (~30 miles), but what’s so bad about holing up in the house or eating at the local Chili’s?  Nothing, that’s what.  So I was pointing out all the cool stuff when we were driving: “Oh, look, running trails!  Katy has nice running trails!  You know where else has nice running trails?”  Shane, dejectedly: “The Woodlands.”  Me: “Damn right, The Woodlands!”  Since doing all of our training up there (30 min north, that’s where IMTX is held), I’ve become mildly obsessed with this particular suburb.  IT’S GORGEOUS. 

I digress. 

So we had fun with our friends on Cinco – even though I couldn’t have the margs.  BUT I was introduced to mojito flavored Crystal Light…delicious!  Some of the gals were just adding rum to it, but it also tasted fine on its own – very refreshing. 

I was supposed to wake up at 5:30 for a 5K; I had lofty goals of beating my time from the last one.  But then I realized I would probably expend all of my energy for the day and I kinda needed the rest.  So when my alarm went off, I just said NOPE.  Instead I woke up at 7:30 and met some friends for a long run.  It was a nice day – overcast, not too bad.  We lucked out.  Ran from Memorial along Allen Parkway through downtown and back, and then I did an extra loop or so to add up to 16 miles.  Phew!

Strongarmed Jordann into going to 288 Lake, where we swam 1.5 miles with Erin and Julie.  Ok….now it’s taper time.  I will keep my swim volume up but am really backing off the bike and the run.  Next weekend is my sister’s college graduation!!!  So I’ll bike 40 miles either when we get back or before we leave and run 10-12 on Sunday morning. 

Love tapering.  Love it.  More time at home, more time to EAT ALL THE FOOD, more time in general.

Off to a new week.

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