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Race Recap: Dallas Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

by Christa on April 2, 2012

in Race Recaps

Soaring from my 5K win, I started to get pretty pumped for the RNR 1/2 happening the next morning.  Silly rabbit.

After the Berry Family 5K, we all went home to shower and Mom made egg salad sandwiches!

The expo was at the Dallas Convention Center.  Parking was of course atrocious, so I paid $10 to park at a hotel across the street – time is money, especially when you have tickets to see The Hunger Games. 

I saw that I was in Corral 7, 2:15 projected finish time.  That simply wouldn’t do.  I was really hoping to go under 2 hours and since duhhhh I won a race that morning, I smugly went to Corral Change and moved myself up to 5.  Ironic foreshadowing.  Long story short, I spent money on some shit I probably don’t need (except those new booty shorts, I needed really frickin wanted those).  It was crowded, I was feeling claustrophobic, and had a mini-meltdown when I couldn’t find the exit… “DO I HAVE TO WISH MYSELF OUT?!”  

After Hunger Games, we played the “I’m so hungry I’m going to snap at all of you until you feed me,” Game.  Mom was nice enough to craft a veggie dish for snacks and procure carbs at the local Italian joint.  Again, slept poorly.

Woke up at 5:30, got dressed (Nike Pro booty shorts, as mentioned, TNT jersey, Puma socks, aaaaaand instead of the trusty Sauconys, I decided to use my Asics.  They’re much lighter shoes but I had never run more than 4 miles on them…..again with the foreshadowing.

Met up with K and her coworker Valerie (V was running her first half!) near the port-o-cans.  As evidenced by an awesome “waiting in line for the port-o-can” photo:

Started out with some fast miles – in the 8:40 range.  K didn’t want to know our pace or splits, she just wanted to RUN and well, I’m a slave to my Garmin at this point – except when it gets to the spot in the race where I can’t do basic math and figure out my projected finish time.  I somehow lost her around mile 2.5 (??? how?).   Saw my roadies (parents, Shane, Steph) at mile 3 and then again at the finish.  Around mile 5 I stopped to wait – I wasn’t sure if K was in front of or behind me but between the heat and the fatigue, I honestly thought I would quit if I couldn’t run with someone.  Luckily, she arrived after a few minutes and we ran/walked the rest of the way together to a 2:14 finish – nowhere near my sub-2 goal.  OH WELL. Valerie rocked it with 2:33!

Girls happy with our medals:

Went to Kristen’s place for a shower before meeting up with Jeanette and some Houston running friends – fun with Joe and Dana!  And Dana’s Def Leppard shirt is awesome.

We went to Ozona for brunch and had the MIGAS ENCHILADAS!!!!! – best ever – and a pitcher of mimosas, natch.  It was still hot out, I must say.

Foreshadowed – I probably should have stayed in Corral 7 and my Asics gave me blisters…tons of em.

That was last weekend.  One more race recap to follow and then it’s time for relaxation station….sort of….not really….

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