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Race Recap: Berry Family 5K

by Christa on March 26, 2012

in Race Recaps

Let’s forget the depressing/depressed stuff for a minute.  On to something a bit more status quo.

This is gonna be a long one – this is the only time this will ever happen, so I’m revelling in my glory and shamelessly bragging.  Here’s the deal…

Shane and I drove up to Dallas on Friday after work (with the dogs, of course).  I was flip-flopping on whether to go or not, even though we had all registered for a 5K and I was also set (and paid) to run the Dallas RNR Half Marathon.  But I REALLY felt like I should be on my bike, and all of my training friends were pumped for Bluebonnet Express 75 mile ride.  In the end, as you can tell, I felt like we needed a little break (??? this was not a break) and we made the trek.

Have you  heard the story of the Berry Family?  Please take a few minutes to read it. This race was benefiting a family here in Houston who suffered an enormously life-altering car acccident over the holidays.  I knew we had to help contribute, and I’m so glad my family went out to support this worthy cause.

We didn’t get in town til almost 11, and we slept poorly.  Thank goodness the race started at 9am, but it was in Plano and we needed to allow an hour to get packets, etc.  We picked up my sister at 7:15 and drove up there.  Turns out there was no need – everything ran super smoothly and we had packets/t-shirts/chips within 10 minutes.

My goal was to go under 25 minutes, but it was pretty warm out and I knew that on little sleep and a shaky stomach that it might not happen.   Nonetheless, I got pretty close to the start line and took off just after the gun.   Shane was talking all kinds of smack (remember, he had the fastest 5K time in Austin – forget that the rest of us were pacing for a half or full marathon) about how he was going to smoke me and I’d be eating his dust.  I told him to NOT try to keep up with me, that he’d blow up after the first mile.  Well…it didn’t take that long.  About half a mile in (6:49 pace at that point), he started walking.  I saw him still walking after I passed the first turnaround.  My dad and Steph looked extraordinarily happy to be running a 5K (Steph’s FIRST!  And the first time she had run in years!).  And Kristen was not too far behind me!

I will say that the most annoying part of this race was another runner – sad.  I came up on him at the last mile.  He was probably 17 or 18 years old and was desperately trying to avoid getting “chicked” – for non-runners, it’s when a girl passes you in a race.  I wasted so much energy trying to pass him on either side – he would NOT let me.  He would speed up as I tried to go around him, and then he would slow back down when I didn’t pass.  SO. ANNOYING.  When he did it for probably the fourth or fifth time, I said, “DUDE.”  He gasped, “What?!” And I said, “You keep speeding up then slowing down.  Run faster or get out of the way.”

I guess that did it for him because he took off.  He already looked like he was in pain though, so I hope his body paid him back for being a sexist prick.

I was trying to keep track of how many girls were in front of me – they were giving out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for each division, so I was in the Female 25-29 group.  It was hard to judge ages though.  I think anyone 20-40 looks around my age, so it was tough.  It didn’t look like that many, though, so I kept a small hope that I would place.

I had slowed down in the last mile though and felt it.  I haven’t looked at my watch yet, but I guarantee I did not negative split.  I crossed the finish, and immediately my hands were on my knees – I did the best I could.   Here’s the part where I’m going to do my own pet peeve and mention watch time vs. chip time (I hate when people say oh, I ran XX:XX but the course was long so I really ran XX: XX).  But, I stopped my watch immediately as I crossed the finish, and it read 21:40.   My chip time says 22:00 flat – I thought it would get adjusted in official results, but it didn’t.  That is such a huge discrepancy to me!  How?  Anyway.   Sidenote – I guess it’s not like I was running anything super huge and technologically advanced.  This was a community race to benefit the Berry Family.  But still, c’mon D-Tag.  I’m one of THOSE people now.  So fine, my official time was 22:00 flat – blah.  But that’s a 7:05 pace, which shocks me – even when I’m on the track doing speedwork, I haven’t been able to do that.  I guess it was the adrenaline?  Also, speedwork apparently WORKS.  Who knew?

Kristen finished 24:46, my dad and Steph in 30:01, and Shane in 32:15.  First half mile did him in.  Shane – you’ve learned your lesson.  I thought you knew better than to try to keep up with your wife, literally and figuratively!! ;o)  He crossed the finish line and muttered, “You’re insane….you’re insane.”

I scanned the results and tried to see if any of the females were in my division.  I thought I at least got third, so I told my family excitedly, “I THINK I PLACED.”  Meanwhile, we were all devouring sno-cones, Tiff’s Treats, bananas, and other goodies.  This was only the 2nd time I’ve ever stayed for an awards ceremony!  Before, it was because a friend placed – and if it’s a marathon, well I’m still out on the course when they have awards, hahahah.

They got to my division and called the third place winner and I realized I had a better time than she did.  So I thought, “sweet, I got 2nd!”  Then they called 2nd place and her time was 22:46.  My mouth literally dropped all the way open – my sister said she wished she had video’d THAT!  I GOT FIRST PLACE IN MY DIVISION????????  I was grinning ear to ear:

Dad was pretty impressed – and of course we were all spreading some TNT love while we were out there!

Some fun family pics – I was very impressed with Steph’s first 5K performance – I can’t believe she had such a good time with zero training – awesome.  I hope my future kids have a knack for the sport – scholarship money, cha-ching! ;o)

Steph, Dad, Me

Steph was sore already and wanted a piggy-back…

My efforts and energy spent really showed the next day in the half marathon, however.  Oh well…

That race recap up soon.

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katelin March 27, 2012 at 5:26 pm

ah! congrats, you’re such a rock star!


Christa March 28, 2012 at 1:47 pm

hahaha, thanks katelin!! i was very excited – run nerd! ;o)


terra March 30, 2012 at 4:41 am

Congratulations, lady!! Super proud of you!


Christa April 2, 2012 at 3:35 pm

thanks terra – it was a first and likely a last! hah!


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