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by Christa on March 23, 2012

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I don’t read Dooce too regularly anymore (the only reason being that I don’t have time to keep up) but I’m glad I did yesterday. 

Apparently in March and September, people who have the sads are even more off our rockers due to the Earth’s tilting and subsequent light effects.  I never knew.  Here’s what she says:

“Today I just want to remind everyone that March (as well as September) can be rough on those who are prone to depression. If you’re upset or frustrated or anxious or sad and you don’t know why, don’t be too hard on yourself. It could just be the rotation of the earth. (That’s not hippie speak. That’s science. It has something to do with the rapid change in light during this time of year and how our brains process that change [which is the CliffsNotes version of how my own psychiatrist explained it.])”


Hmm.  Well….that makes me feel better that there might be some explanation for my feeling the way I do (read: empty, annoyed, frustrated, angry, helpless, nothing).  I find myself getting irritable at the littlest things.  Not even getting, I’m just already irritable and then can snap at any given moment (see previous post).  I’m slipping a little at work, I’m constantly annoyed.  One of my TNT staff members even commented at last Tuesday’s practice, “Jeez, you are in a BAD mood.”  And I’m not usually in a bad mood at practice, especially since I’m one of the mentors and am supposed to be sunny and upbeat and a leader.  Any small critique, from my boss or Shane or friends, will cause me to develop a serious case of bitch face instantaneously. 

I should probably just stay as far away from people as possible until April.

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Margaret September 26, 2013 at 3:07 pm

Oh, that’s very interesting! I’m often battling depression and anxiety to some degree, but the past few weeks have sucked for no apparent reason, and just started to improve in the past couple days.


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