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Race Recap: Oilman Texas

by Christa on November 9, 2011

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Why a 70.3?  Because a 70.4 would just be silly!

I can’t believe it – I finished my first half ironman on Sunday!  That’s right, you sillies.  I swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, and ran 13.1 miles (a half marathon, mind you) – and, unbelievably to me, I did it within the official time limit of 8 hours. HAH.

Oilman Texas (formerly Iron Star) was held in Montgomery, Texas – about an hour north of Houston.  I stayed in a hotel in Conroe 10 miles away the night before so I wouldn’t have to drive 50 in the morning instead.  Luckily for me, it was TIME CHANGE – hallelujah, an extra hour of sleep on race day!  My parents came in town and I was also giving them an evaluated tour of the Holocaust Museum (my Junior League placement) – that took up a few hours.  We went to Yia Yia Mary’s for dinner, which turned out to be the perfect pre-race fuel.  Those Greeks know how to do it.

I didn’t even have time to get nervous.  I took half a Benadryl at the hotel and was knocked out til 5am, when I got my wakeup call and packed up my gear to head to the race site.  I took an anti-stress tablet and those things must work because I was shockingly cavalier about the entire thing.  I kept saying to myself…ok, go for a swim, and then you’ll go for a long bike ride, and then a run.  I wasn’t concerned about my time.  Goal 1 was to finish.  Goal 2 was to finish in under 8 hours.  And my final goal was to finish in under 7 hours (spoiler: didn’t happen).

Walking out of transition to the swim start – ready to go!

Ok, ok, prayer, national anthem, blah blah – let’s go!  I’m somewhere in there with the rest of my pink-capped friends…

Swim (49:30): I wish I had a long-sleeved wetsuit.  The officials said it was 70 degrees, but there’s no way – it had to be at least 65.  It was SO COLD – I didn’t warm up the entire time.  I felt really bad for the girls not wearing a wetsuit at all.  Compared with previous races and yards/minute, this was a rather slow swim for me.  Eh, well – whatya gonna do?

Done with the swim!

T1 (6:06): Wetsuit strippers did their thing – first time I’ve had my wetsuit stripped off of me, that was weird.  And it works!  That thing flew off! Then, socks, cycling shoes, and I was off on the bike.

Bike (3:53:25):  Well…since I was shooting for 3:30 on the bike…we can see that didn’t happen.  Yes, this is a pretty bad time.  Keep in mind I could barely ride a bike in June, when I joined the TNT Tri team.  At least a vast improvement?  Also…I fell at mile 52.  Ah, I was so close!  I knew if I could just finish the bike, I would finish the race no problem.  One foot in front of the other for the run (read: jog/walk). The bike course was a big loop in Montgomery and Grimes counties, with a short out and back near the halfway point.  Approximately 10 miles of new chip seal – my teeth almost rattled out of my skull.  No matter.  Glad I didn’t get a flat at least.  That would have taken more time than the fall.

This photo was taken about a mile after I got back on the bike – spot the war wounds.  Dangit.

T2 (4:24): Had to take a potty break.  I’m sure my mother was very proud that despite my deliberate attempts, I couldn’t pee while riding a bike.  It isn’t ladylike, after all. The whole time on the bike, I kept saying to myself, “Run=race belt, run=race belt.”  I have a tendency to forget about my race belt, which you’re supposed to wear or something.  Change shoes, Garmin on.  Why I felt the need to check and make sure that I was indeed at a snail’s pace, I don’t know.

Run (2:56:02): While this pace is laughable for me, I take heart in the fact that it would be a pretty decent half marathon for a lot of people.  I cut myself some slack – I really felt like I was giving it everything I had after that bike.

I look pretty stoked to be running a half marathon.  Stupid.

Mile 13 behind me.  Ironic foreshadowing.

It was a 3-loop course, so I passed my adoring fans several times – The Shanester, my parents, and Patrizia and her boyfriend Scott came too!  They kept me pumped up.  I’m not gonna play it cool – I walked a LOT, esp through the gravel area.  So silly.  And here I am running through grass – just a midday frolic. Random terrain, it was.

Finally, FINALLY – I clocked in at 7:49:29. Much like my first marathon…YES, I could have pushed harder…but I just wanted to finish.  That’s it.  Guaranteed PR.  Next time I’ll be quicker.  And well, I obviously need more training on a bike.  Hook ‘em!

I finished 16 out of 19 in my category, exactly like at the US Open Tri – and two of these were DNFs.  I was the next-to-last finisher out of females age 25-29.  Oh wait, hold on – I don’t care.

It was a great day.  I did every single one of those 70.3 miles and I’m a half ironman!

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terra November 17, 2011 at 6:45 am

You continue to amaze me. Especially the bike part, seeing as I clearly remember the issues you had with the bike in the beginning. Seriously lady, you’re a rock star!


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