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If this applies to you, so be it.

by Christa on September 2, 2011

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I’m fed up with lazy people.  I have no sympathy.  I’m surrounded by them and it makes me want to scream.  Same ol’ circus, different clowns.  Or the same clowns.  Whatever.

Be productive.  Get off your ass.  Do something.

If you’re sitting around waiting for life to start, you’re going to be waiting an awfully long time. CONTRIBUTE. LEARN. GROW. GO.

Know this:  I don’t feel sorry for you.

Lazy people, I don’t respect you.  How can you expect people to respect you if you so clearly don’t respect yourself?

I don’t like you. You’re a waste of space.  I need that space. I need you to get out of my space so I can make something of my world.

The world doesn’t happen to you.  You create your own world.

Play the cards you’re fucking DEALT.  If they suck, so be it.  Everybody gets a hand that sucks once in awhile. But you have to PLAY.  If you fold…well….then you fold.

I’m gonna keep playing.  And BECAUSE I keep playing, I’m gonna win the whole damn thing.

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abby September 3, 2011 at 12:57 pm

I absolutely appreciate this post. I think I can relate to this. For the longest time I felt like something was wrong in my life and it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been much more proactive with my life and realized that I’ve waited way too long. I think that I’ve been waiting way too long to get my life started and now I’m very very happy with how things are changing in my life. I also have no patience for people who don’t want to get up and do something in their lives. I can now clearly see when life brings you down just keep pushing through


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