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Triathlon + Weekend.

by Christa on August 28, 2011

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This weekend was certainly a whirlwind, one that started Friday after work when I started packing my bag for the Clear Lake International Triathlon, about 45 minutes south of Houston.  I knew I had to wake up at 4am (note to self – stay at the hotel next time)  and was starting to get really worked up.

Overheard by my husband:

“I don’t know how this stupid race belt works.”  Shane figured it out.

“I want to put the new computer on my bike, but I’m too tired.”  Shane figured it out.

“Why am I in the first wave? Why the hell do the waves start only 4 minutes apart?  I’m sure the next group will be swimming over me.”  They didn’t.

A highlight was getting to meet Dave Scott.  He asked me if I was wearing enough sunscreen.  That’s like Tiger Woods asking someone if…they’re wearing enough sunscreen.  Heh.

The water was disgusting.  I swear someone had emptied a port-a-potty in there.  It smelled like dead fish and urine.  It was salty and made my throat dry.  My place in the transition area was right next to the bike out and in area so that was nice.  The bike went well until I ran over a nail and had to fix a flat rear tire.  Boo.  So I lost a bit of time on that but I was still ok with just finishing.

I spent the rest of the day entertaining my sis-in-law Aimee for her 30th birthday!  We went to Tiny Boxwoods for lunch – delicious!  Leah made red velvet cake balls that were to die for.  Aimee, Kristen, and I tried to go see The Help but it was the only movie and time slot in the entire theater that was sold out.  Insteeeaaad we went to Tasting Room and did their Saturday Seven wine tasting – YUM.

The party was great.  Michael had gotten Fajita Pete’s and Ben & Jerry’s to cater – the theme was fiesta, with paper lanterns, a pinata, and of course Mollie made the dessert (ice cream cupcakes).   We saw this sign at Starbucks.  Happy 30th, Aimee! #nobrainshrinkage

So, downer.  Saturday after the party I was exhausted.  I was so stressed and delirious and sleep-deprived!  I also had a case of the sads.  It was like now that the day was over, I could finally let out some emotion.  There was lots of crying.  Lots.

Then I woke up early again, at 5am, to volunteer at the Dave Scott Tri Clinic out at Houston Oaks (which is gorgeous, incidentally).  It was fun getting some really good tips and acting as a water buoy on a hydro bike!  I peaced out early since I was NOT feeling well and got 3 more hours of sleep before we met up with friends at Boneyard Drinkery (but I accidentally slept through my blogger meetup – I hope they understand!!).

I hope this week is easier. No plans for next weekend, and I intend to keep it that way.

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